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Number One Skanka – Interview with FreQ Nasty

#1 Skanka EP by FreQ Nasty of FreQ Nasty Recordings

FreQ Nasty who is perhaps lesser know nowadays as Darin McFadyen to me is a bit of an awesome DJ as he is too many others across the planet. If you have ever had the privilege to see and hear him perform his magic then you know for a fact that he can deliver an absolutely blinding set. And when I say blinding, your eyes tend to be slightly weary due to the levels of bass, groove and severe terraform destruction beneath your stomping feet.

Today FreQ Nasty continues to push the boundaries of the dancefloor forward in his music production whilst sharing stages with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and Tipper, among others.

I feel honoured that he has taken the time out to answer a few questions as he continues his busy schedule as he briefly talks about the hoping of a Tom Waites collaboration, sharing the vibes and his love of old school music:

You’re one busy fella at the minute aren’t we? Got a few gigs booked I believe?

I’m spending more time in the studio right now trying to get more music out in my various projects but loving playing out too.

Burning Man is going to be good as ever. Do you tend to try and get certain gigs or do you just see where you end up sometimes?

I try and do benefit gigs for the camps who have to spend thousands on getting massive top quality rigs out to the desert. It makes it a lot more of a collaborative effort and then I tend to play on those stages where I’ve helped out at some time in the past few years.

You’ve built up a string of credible and big-named supporters over the years. Is there anyone who you yourself are in awe of musically?

Many people! Anyone creating new music and inspiring others by pushing the envelope I have great respect for as artists. The “AWE” tag normally goes to old school music like Funkadelic, Scientist, Aswad in their early years, Public Enemy and more – time tested greats that laid the blueprint out for everyone else.

Beethoven’s Filth – check it out – was such an incredible little composition alongside MartyParty. How come you let it go for free?

Just spreading the vibes!

You have a couple of free downloads out now which support your latest release ‘#1 Skanka EP‘ which is a bombastic delight. Are you happy with the release and the current feedback?

Yeah it seems to be going great. I’m really chuffed about the release myself, especially with getting a collar with Spoonface together after many years of working together, and getting the tune with Jamal out which was originally recorded in 2007. I’ve started cooking up the next release with a bunch more vocal tunes so I’m excited about that 🙂

You’ve come a long way from Botchit & Scarper. Does it seem like yesterday or rather a flickering memory nowadays?

Bit of both really. Good memories of those in and surrounding the Breaks scene then. RIP Vini Medley.

How’s Lorin (Bassnectar) doing? I believe you guys have been attempting some collab’ work?

He’s mad busy being one of the biggest DJ’s in America right now – I’m stoked for him! But yeah we have talked about doing another collab.

Is there anyone at the minute who you would like to work with whom you haven’t already?

Tons of people – lots of the older reggae greats, of course if Tom Waites can ever spare the time to drop into the studio there’s a cup of tea waiting for him 🙂

What’s next for FreQ Nasty?

A new Single and or EP – hold tight!

Breakbeat icon FreQ Nasty continues his evolutionary bass adventure with the release of his much anticipated 4 track ‘#1 Skanka EP‘. Featuring a futuristic blend of 808 Trap, deconstructed basslines, and high energy dancehall, with the vocal talents of UK MC Spoonface and Brooklyn MC Seraphim (of No Surrender), the ‘#1 Skanka EP‘ further solidifies FreQ’s position as EDM’s most dynamic low frequency maverick.

#1 Skanka EP by FreQ Nasty is released by FreQ Nasty Recordings and is out now

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Number One Skanka   Interview with FreQ Nasty

Number One Skanka   Interview with FreQ Nasty

Number One Skanka   Interview with FreQ Nasty

Number One Skanka   Interview with FreQ Nasty


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Number One Skanka   Interview with FreQ Nasty
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