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15 Years of Beatz & Bobz Mix by Ben & Lex – Free Download

I usually cotton on to most things rather quickly but Breaks were introduced to me rather late on in life. At that delayed beginning there were the likes of Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM, Soul Of Man, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors and Ben & Lex. At this point though, Ben & Lex had already been doing ‘Beatz & Bobz’ for a number of years and was already rather an established night as well as a credible brand delivering quality tunes on a compilation album from artists such as Darren Chapman, Will White, Tayo, the almighty Dreadzone and Atomic Hooligan. ‘Beatz & Bobz’ was “The Night Of Breaks”, and even now, still is.

The creators of this stalwart night-out, this breakthrough radio show and muse of essential breakbeats are Ben Ervine and Lex Shellard. They dropped me this mix and took the time to answer a Q&A on what’s been happening.

I must say, that is some tracklisting, – see below – putting a mix together is never the easiest thing in the world. How easy was this?
Almost impossible to be honest! This is about as many of our favourites that we could squeeze into the space of a CD. After 15 years of great music it’s not an easy challenge. We had to leave out just as many of our faves as we put in. We think this is a pretty good reflection of what ‘Beatz & Bobz’ the night has been, over the last 15 years. As a result of there being simply too many tunes to pick from we are going to be doing new mixes in the new year which are a much more comprehensive history of breaks as a whole and the night. At least 4 of them by the look of it! From a history of breaks right through to where we are now in the land of bass, bass and more bass!

Do you think you can pick out a favourite amongst this lot?
I think that would be pretty unfair really, haha! But if I must, from the mix, I think there are 3 tunes that got probably a ridiculous amount of love over the years..and they would be Rennie’s [Pilgrem’s] remix of Zero’s ‘Emit’ (obviously) – [themecolor]And I for one very much second that – ttj90[/themecolor] – ‘Next Level’ by ILS and then we used to finish our sets with ‘Dogs & Sledgez’ by Million Dan on a regular. Those 3 off the top of my head but I’m sure as soon as we send this I’ll wanna change my mind hahaha!

It’s been ’15 Years of Beatz & Bobz’, what changes have you noticed over the last decade and a half?
Many, many, but from a club event point of view, things like the smoking ban had quite an effect as B&B was in a great little (literally) underground club. You have to leave the whole thing to smoke. But most importantly we have evolved as a night from humble beginnings in a small 220 capacity club booking small underground names as they were then like Tayo, Adam Feeland, Elite Force to now doing bigger one off a to 1500+ venues booking some of the biggest names in dance music from The Freestylers to Flux Pavillion to Skream & Benga to Krafty Kuts and of course the night has evolved to run tents/stages/areas at many festivals including Glastonbury and the Glade.

Musically it’s absolutely wicked right now. When we first started playing breaks the nights were never ‘just’ breaks all night – which is pretty much how the genre was born – you could go from breaks into house or techno. Into hip-hop off to jungle land and back to breaks again and everyone loved it. Now we are right back there again I think which is amazing. The scene went through in my opinion a bit of a dip when the breakbeat nazis got involved and demanded just breaks. The diffusion into a million different mini-genres of breaks has been tricky but right now we are back, through the advent of ‘Bass Music’ for want of a better name, to how it was at the start. Anything goes so long as it makes you “shake yo thang!”.

The “birthday” is on October 19th, what are we to look forward to?
In the words of Biggie: “P.A.R.T.Y & Bullsh!t” to put it simply. The whole ‘Beatz & Bobz’ crew is hyped to f*ck for this one. Gonna be a smasher so if anyone is down this way get ya ass down to see us all! – Check out the Facebook Event Page right here.

Do you think you’ve got another 15 years?
Who knows!? There are still cool things happening for ‘Beatz & Bobz’ and it’s associated events and labels etc. As long as I can still get my zimmer up on stage and there’s still Guinness, Cider and Jager to keep our blood pumping, then we’ll carry on I guess! Music and the way it is bought, consumed and even made, has changed so much in the last 15 years. (Has anyone seen my Atari by the way?) We are all excited to see where its gonna go next.

15 years and still going strong. Here’s to many more, I say. Happy Birthday to ‘Beatz & Bobz’!

The ’15 Years of Beatz & Bobz Mix’ by Ben & Lex is a Free Download


’15 Years Of ‘Beatyz & Bobz’ – ‘Like’ the page:


01. The Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’
02. Fake Blood ‘Mars’
03. Drumattic Twins ‘Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte Remix)’
04. Peo de Pitte ‘Burning Up’
05. Leon Jean Marie ‘Bring It On (Jack Beats Remix) (Krafty Kuts Rerub)’
06. Moston & Malente ‘Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Remix)’
07. Chable & Bonnici ‘Ride (Have A Break Mix)’
08. Ils ‘Next Level’
09. Dan F & Jariten ‘Halo (Dopamine Remix)’
10. Bloc Party ‘Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)’
11. TC ‘Where’s my Money (Caspa mx) (Elite Force Re-fix)’
12. Vato Gonzalez ft Foreign Beggers ‘Badman Riddim (Jump Club Mix)’
13. Busta Rhymes ‘Dangerous (Krafty Kuts Rerub)’
14. AC Slater ‘Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)’
15. The Chemical Brothers ‘Base 6’
16. Willow Smith vs Rose Royce ‘Whip My Hair (Peo de Pitte Remix)’
17. Martelo feat. Herve ‘Wasted’
18. B.L.I.M. ‘Dust’
19. Sidney Samson ‘Riverside (Peo de Pitte Rerub)’
20. Plump Djs ‘The Gate’
21. Zero ‘Emit/Collect (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)’
22. Ken Mac & Ed209 ‘Hell Yeah’
23. The Freestylers ft Belle Humble ‘Cracks (CTRL-Z Remix)’
24. Agent K ‘Black Haze (Aquasky Remix)’
25. Stanton Warriors ‘Da Antidote’
26. Trevor Loveys ‘Organ Grinder (The Count aka Herves Big B Morgan Remix)’
27. Forme ‘Kick A Hole’
28. Scam ‘I Feel It’
29. Larry Tee & Princess Superstar ‘Licky Better (Krafty Kuts Rerub)’
30. Dan F & Jariten ‘Halo (Backdraft Remix)’
31. Bassnectar ‘Everybody (Freq Nasty vs. Bassnectar Remix)’
32. Shut Up & Dance ‘Alcoholic Beans’
33. Freq Nasty ft Rodney P ‘Come Let Me Know (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M. Remix)’
34. Deep Impact ‘Carpet Muncher’
35. Tsunami One & BT ‘Hip Hop Phenomenon’
36. Freq Nasty ft Kovas ‘Brooklyn 2 Brixton (The Freestylers Raw As F**K Remix)’
37. Baobinga ‘The Bashment Track’
38. Jay Cunning vs 2 Sinners ‘Bad Girl’
39. The Freestylers ft Mc Navigator ‘Ruffneck 09’
40. DJ Zinc ‘Old Flame’
41. Aquasky vs Masterblaster ‘Wheels of Steel’
42. The Chemical Brothers ‘Under The Influence’
43. North Base ‘Ruffneck’
44. Groove Armada ‘Superstylin’ (Skool Of Thought Breaks Remix)’
45. Scam ‘Killer’
46. The Freestylers ‘Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz Remix)’
47. Redlight ft Zaniah, Dread & Redskin ‘Feel So Good (Wine Up Yr Body)’
48. Apollo 440 ‘Dude Descending A Staircase (Stanton Warriors Vocal Club Mix)’
49. PMT ‘Gyromancer’
50. Donaeo ‘Riot Music (Skream Remix)’
51. Jammin ‘Go DJ’
52. Dj Zinc ‘138 Trek’
53. Pyramid ‘Trouble’
54. Kid Sister ‘Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)’
55. Jack Beatz ft Dynamite MC ‘What’
56. Cut La Roc ‘Freeze (Ben & Lex Remix)’
57. Flosstradamus ‘Underground Anthem’
58. Jammin ‘Hold On’
59. Emeli Sande ‘Heaven (Pyramid Remix)’
60. The Freestylers ft Million Dan ‘Dogz n Sledgez’

15 Years of Beatz & Bobz Mix by Ben & Lex   Free Download


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15 Years of Beatz & Bobz Mix by Ben & Lex   Free Download
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