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5 Tunes

These are 5 Tunes That You Must Hear this week. Stick them into your sets or get ready to do so. Put them onto your pods and have this page or even the whole website bookmarked for future reference, because these are some tunes that just might unleash some dopamine into your brain.

Today we have the production skills of Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz, Speaker Bomb, a cheeky little remix from Refracture, Koncept and Jan Waterman.

Rocket by Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz

A lovely rolling House tune from Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz. It’s not an in-your-face kind of track. Subtle, sexy and with a touch of cheek and swagger. A nice firm and strong bassline to drive the track along and of course, it has groove.

Released by Skint Records on September 9th, 2013.

Going Deeper – @_GoingDeeper_
Newbie Nerz – @NewbieNerdz

Going Deeper – facebook.com/Going-Deeper
Newbie Nerz – facebook.com/Newbie-Nerdz

I Scream by Speaker Bomb

Some Electro with some funky Disco tinges on this track from Speaker Bomb. Strong synths push the track forward with some hammering mids over the light guitar riffs giving the track some additional weight. It’s an infectious record and difficult not smile when listening to it.

Released by Passenger Records on September 29th, 2013.

Speaker Bomb – @speaker_bomb

Speaker Bomb – facebook.com/SpeakerBombMusic

The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails (Refracture Remix) – Free Download

Refracture has a particular sound design that is quite recognisable and him putting his talents into a Nine Inch Nails record excited me immensely. The result is a breaks tune with electro elements and a thick dubstep style warble rattling throughout. It’s an industrious remix which is akin to the general sound of the band. It is a homage and a great one at that.

This is a free download via the Refracture Facebook page.

Refracture – @Refracture

Refracture – facebook.com/Refracture

Your Eyes by Koncept

Now this is delightful DnB. Liquid, smooth and such a wondrous flow. Koncept has nailed it on this one. Any bass heads who love the vibrancy of the drum tracks will simple adore this. I expect this to do very well indeed as it’ll mingle in to a variety of sets and the crowd will want a rewind, I am sure. It is excellent.

Released by Viper Recordings and is out now – Available on iTunes

Koncept – @KonceptProducer

Koncept – facebook.com/KonceptDnB

Unbefuckinglievable! by Jan Waterman

Yeah, with a track title such as this, you expect it to be something a little bit special. And it certainly is. It is a 110, moombahton, glitch-fest. A strong intro that builds you up with a drop that takes you down into a barrage of mids that’ll leave you pleasantly disturbed. Monstrous, energetic and it will help you get your game face on. Awesome tune.

Released by Big Fish Recordings and it out now – Available on iTunes.

Jan Waterman – @janwatermandj

Jan Waterman – facebook.com/janwatermanmusic

And here they all are wrapped up into one player



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