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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.2

5 Tunes

Some may say that these 5 Tunes That You Must Hear may lack the usual basslines but if you appreciate tracks that are likely to stimulate your mind and make you smile, then you just may fall in love with at least one of them. These are not necessarily big beat and massive clubland anthems, but they can and will light up the room with smiling ivories.

This week we have dubstep icon Skream featuring his friend Sam Frank doing something a little different, Breakbeats psychedelic mind-twister Half Space, a deep progressive House remix from Youngen on a Feri track, dark electro mastro Doc Trashz having some fun on a classic Queen record and my tune of the week from Brazilian producer Capri with Beyou doing some vocals and percussion on a storming Tech House track that is going to get some airplay if it’s the last thing I do this week.

Rollercoaster ft. Sam Frank by Skream

Skream is a producer, something that a majority of us are aware of. But this guy hailing Croydon, London – which is regarded by many as the home of dubstep – appreciates some of the finer tunes in life. He doesn’t always wish to play or create bass-driven delights despite (quite bizarrely) a barrage of appreciators hating this fact as he has a love for the more melodic, funky and groovy types of beats. This, is an example of that. The track features an old collaborator doing the vocals and his name is Sam Frank who appears on the stunning Where You Should Beclick to listen – using a vocoder of sorts to give the lyrics a bit of a talkbox style of twist. On this track, the same occurs but instead we have a slightly funky Chromeo vibe, Disco vibe, which is fun, vibrant and quite difficult not to do some David Gray head-wobbling, airchair raving to. A great record.

Released by Ammunition Promotions Ltd, under exclusive licence to Virgin EMI Records on October 27th, 2013.



Sam Frank


Rotate by Half Space

I am quite fond of breakbeats but occasionally the tunes do sometimes fall a bit flat and samey every now and then for me. Howevere, every now and then you get a little psybreaks stunner like this. Electro tinged basslines driving the flavoursome broken drum track with euphoric sprinklings of some trancey keys hovering over the top to fill the track out. It is a lovely record and just enough torque for it to be a stomper despite the easy flow. Rotate is a wonderful tune from Bristol man, Jake Wileman aka Half Space.

Released by Dusted Breaks Records on September 23rd, 1013.


Warm Embrace by Feri (Youngen Remix)

In a similar vain to the dreamscape track as before, we’ve got a deep progressive House tune in a package from Swiss based, Feri. I listened to the rest of the tunes on the release but this really stuck out and hooked me in with great immediate effect. Warm Embrace has a rolling nature which seriously takes you off allowing you to escape in the way that certain folk in clubland greatly appreciates. Very Oakenfold-esque. Very warming. A fantastic take from the Bosnia and Herzegovina-born, Youngen.

Released by Elliptical Sun Recordings on September 17th, 1013.





I Want To Break Free by Queen (Doc Trashz Remix) – Free Download

Doc Trashz tends to go for the more deeper, darker and grungier style of electro that most parents would call noise. This cheeky remix from the Italian producer really does lift the original up into a fun and energetic little bouncer with plenty of oomph. It’s quite tricky not to enjoy. I think it’s ace.

This is free download via his Facebook page.



Disco Re Poch ft. Beyou by Capri

I am a little late in putting this up as I only stumbled across it in one of the mixes from last weeks 5 Awesome Mixes For Your Ears which was from Drop Out Orchestra. Hook, line and sinker if you pardon the cliche. Tech-Funk groovy. Absolutely brilliant. Despite being a month old already, I’ll be having this Techno masterpiece on a loop for at least another, if not more.

Disco Re Poch ft. Beyou by Brazilian producer Capri is by far my tune of the week.

I like this record so much, I sent it to Meat Katie and Sonny Wharton and it was greeted with great thanks.

Released by Sicario Music and is out now on Beatport.


And here they all are in one player

#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.2


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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.2
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