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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.3

5 Tunes

5 Tunes That You Must Hear this week is typically quite an assortment as per as we have soft, nice tunes, and then not so much. We have style, class and general mayhem and filth. Just how we like it.

In this weeks list we have some disco beats from Let The Machines Do The Work, Digital Impression on a forthcoming Sonny Wharton record, DnB game-changer Sub Focus, Phetsta adding some of his magic to a Dodge & Fuski and Culprate colaboration and some incredible Electro beats coming from NoiseRippers.

My Heart by Let The Machines Do The Work

Already picked up by the BBC Radio 1 legend Zane Lowe, this chillout disco house tune is a captivating roller with so many dance music elements at a swaggering 110, it is a seriously lovely record. Like a cross between Gil Scott-Heron being remixed by Jamie XX with extra garage-style touches by Toddla T. It’s an eclectic sound and tricky to pidgeon-hole. So I won’t try. But nevertheless, it is a head-bobbying tune, and difficult not to appreciate. Let The Machines Do The Work are ones to watch out for.

This is released by Champion Records on September 30th, 2013.



Booty Call by Sonny Wharton The Digital Impression Funk Mix

Skint Records has been dishing out Sonny Wharton tunes all over the place over the last year and they still keep coming which is very fortunate for us all. After receiving support and extremely high praise from Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox and a score of other huge industry names, even Digital Impression have managed to spice up of his his tunes a little more. The Funk Mix of Booty Call is just that. This cheeky house tune has had the additional funk-up and works a treat.

This is released by Skint Records on September 23rd, 2013.

Sonny Wharton


Digital Impression


Turn It Around ft. Kele by Sub Focus

It has already been 8 years since Sub Focus re-ignited the commercial love for DnB music and even still we can not get enough of him. With his latest album soon to be dropping after issues with release, this track featuring the heartfelt vocals of Kele, Turn It Around is as sweet as it gets.

This is released by Ram Records on September 22nd, 2013.



Vice by Dodge & Fuski Vs Culprate The Phetsta Remix

Another DnB track is the selection this week but with a little more energy and a heavier party-stomping nature. Phetsta tweaks it up the already stunning dubstep based original but the pace is even harder still. Vice is a collaboration of Dodge & Fuski with Culprate having a play as well, and this remix certainly boosts it up further.

This is released by Disciple Recordings on September 16th, 2013.

Dodge & Fuski






Blind Guardians by NoiseRippers

I do have a great love for filthy electro beats as do many across the globe, and with so many attempts being made to reproduce these kind of beats we tend to find ourselves being in a flurry of good, great and the awesome. Fortunately though, this is one of those that comes into the latter category, as this is a storming tune. Hammering mids with the dubby growls that everyone is so fond of but this has actually been done in a way that works so that is doesn’t sound like the rest of them.

This is NoiseRippers and that is definitely what they do. Blind Guardians is by far my track of the week – thetruejoe90

This is released by The Pooty Club Records on September 23rd, 2013.


And here they are all in one player

#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.3


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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.3
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