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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.4

5 Tunes

These are 5 Tunes That You Must Hear this week and instead of the regular bass-laden flavours, this weeks mix seems to be a little moodier. Probably because of me being moodier but these tracks are still very, very awesome indeed and definitely worth checking out if you are an appreciator of high quality production, as these are fine examples.

5 Tunes That You Must Hear this week come from Fuck Buttons remixing the legendary Moby, suave New Yorkers of disco, we the band Chromeo, Kove dishing out a dance music anthem, Emil Heró from Sweden who has some delightful production skills, he’s been working his magic on another Swedish act called Join The Riot and finally, the Godfather of dark electronica. The living don that is Gary Numan.

The Perfect Life ft. Wayne Coyne by Moby The Fuck Buttons Remix

With the warmth and shoegazing-dreamscape feel akin to some of the works by David Bowie, this soulful techno that comes from Moby features vocalist Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and has that typical feeling of self-worth that you get from Moby’s compositions, but with an added euphoria coming from Fuck Buttons. They omit the acoustic guitars from the original – which you can check out here – and replace it with keys, mids and tweak the euphoria raising it up a nothc for the clubland followers. Very warm, comforting and a wonderful record.

The track is taken from Moby’s forthcoming album, Innocents, which is out on September 30th, 2013 and you can pre-order it on iTunes here.


Twitter: @thelittleidiot
Facebook: facebook.com/mobymusic

Fuck Buttons

Twitter: @FuckButtons
Facebook: facebook.com/Fuck-Buttons

Over Your Shoulder by Chromeo

A bit of casual disco now from Chromeo who always tend to deliver sultry, sexy and occasionally naughty tunes to the airwaves and clubs. This has classic 70’s written all over it but with far more cleanliness than that of material from all of those years ago. Chromeo define funk and groove. It is always present and their work always possess it.

Over Your Shoulder is cracking tune taken from their forthcoming album White Women which is out soon – watch the trailer here.

Twitter: @Chromeo

Love For You by Kove

A bit of a UK Garage feel on this forthcoming single Love For You by Kove, who gets his backing and support from the label belonging to Chase & Status.

At just 22 years of age, Kove is already a man in demand having set the dance music scene alight with his impressive remixes of John Newman’s Love Me Again and Chase & Status’s Lost & Not Found.

It is a big, big tune and its surely going to get a ton of airplay as we approach the release date as it has classic piano house elements and the warping bassline is a favourite for many.

Measures EP out on 21st October via MTA Records and you can pre-order it on iTunes here.

Twitter: @KoveOfficial

Queen Marmalade by Join The Riot The Emil Heró Remix

This is electronic pop except it has such a cracking groove and flow to it I find it really difficult not to appreciate. It has a slight disco feel with the wah-wah guitar riffs weaving about and then the hip-shaking swagger that comes with it, but it is not until we come to a drop where we are welcomed with a coarse and non-gratuitous bassline adding a touch of electro filth into the mix. It works brilliantly and the contrasting sounds work well together. Great tune.

Both of these acts are very new and upcoming so it is worth following them as they have both only just starting getting into the whole social networking malarkey.

And also, this is a free download which you can get immediately right here, right now.

Join The Riot

Twitter: @jointheriotband
Facebook: facebook.com/jointheriotofficial

Emil Heró

Twitter: @emilheromusic
Facebook: facebook.com/emilheromusic

I Am Dust by Gary Numan

I like to push quality electronic sounds, and this man is deemed to be one of the founders of electro as we know of it today. Many, many artists making a living out of electronic music will have been influenced by acts who have been influenced by Gary Numan.

This is his usual deep, dark, moody, sensitive, aggressive and passionate manner which has helped make him the legend that he is today.

This is my track of the week

This is I Am Dust which taken from the forthcoming album Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) which is out on October 15th, 2013.

Twitter: @numanofficial

Here is the player that contains all of the above tracks

#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.4


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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.4
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