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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.5

5 Tunes

Here are what I believe are 5 Tunes That You Must Hear before the weekend is out. And if you are out, then you might here these 5 tunes. This assortment of bass and beats come from a variety of countries, genres and styles. But with great depth.

This week we have some deep disco from Death Bird & De Sade, a dubstep remix from R/D & ill.Gates, K12 also on a remix-tip DnB style, Igor Graphite with a monster dubstep piece and Gosteffects back again with another captivating, big-beat electro remix.

Near To Feel by Death Bird & De Sade

Near To Feel may be a little boring to some but it’s the swagger and groove that I find really quite captivating in this seductive nu-disco composition from the collaboration of Death Bird and De Sade, who are both based in Mexico. Lovely tunes and I must make a point in visiting if this is what the style is in that part of the World.

It is released by Frequenza Limited and is out now on Beatport.

Death Bird

Facebook: facebook.com/deathbirdmusic

De Sade

Facebook: facebook.com/isaicsa

No Man’s Land by Luxe Laredo ft. Honey LaRochelle The R/D + ill.Gates Remix

Dubstep has gone large on this collaboration remix by America based, production wizards R/D and ill.Gates. On the track No Man’s Land originally by Luxe Laredo featuring the heartfelt vocals from Honey LaRochelle, it is one of those tracks that is very minimal but has such a marvelous ensemble of carefully crafted sounds that mingle gloriously together with plenty of glitch elements that doesn’t cause overkill. Less is more as some say and this cleverly put-together remix is a delight. Awesome tune.

This is a free download which you can get from the R/D Facebook page.


Twitter: @_RD
Facebook: facebook.com/RDmusic


Twitter: @illGatesMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/illGatesMusic

Dr Karg by Loadstar The K12 Remix

Now this is a bit of a random find as French producer K12 have had a bash at doing a remix contest where they have had a shot at boosting up Dr. Karg which was originally done by Loadstar on the legendary DnB label, Ram Records. The track has a few electro tweaks in it than normal DnB tunes and this is a tech-funk style of frenetic drums and bass.

Keep your eyes and ears out for K12. Big things are a comin’!


Twitter: @K12_music/
Facebook: facebook.com/K12electro


Twitter: @loadstar
Facebook: facebook.com/Loadstarmusic

A Magic Jungle by Igor Graphite The VIP Mix

Now this is just wicked! Dubstep of a raucous nature with plenty if jarring, juddering and aggression on this VIP Mix of A Magic Jungle from this young Ukrainian producer, Igor Graphite. It is part of a forthcoming EP which shrouds this with a further offense on your ears. Brilliant tune.

This is released by Elektroshok Records on September 30th, 2013.

Twitter: @igor_graphite

Ambulance by Ladytron The Gosteffects Remix

After sharing the Gosteffects mix in the 5 Awesome Mixes For Your Ears section earlier in the week I then came across this HUGE EDM tune. Originally by the act Ladytron with the delightful Ambulances, our man here has remixed it and infused the wondrous nature of the track with some marvelous, electro spiciness and anthemic vibes. This has been out for a couple of weeks but only recently uploaded, but I think I’ve made up for it with the amount of time it has been played on my beat-unleashing units. This is on constant rotation.

This is just amazing and such a stimulating record. My track of the week.

This is released by Nettwork Records and it out now on Beatport.


Twitter: @gosteffects
Facebook: facebook.com/gosteffects


Twitter: @LadytronMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/ladytron

And typically, I’ve put them all into one player

#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.5


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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.5
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