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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.6

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The compilation of 5 Tunes That You Must Hear this week are a little less big-room and big-beat but instead are more awesome from within rather than out and about around you. What I mean is, these tunes will stimulate your soul rather than your backside as we take a listen to some tracks that are likely to release some happy brain chemicals.

We have some psybreaks with guru Bad Tango remixing newcomer Motna, DiscoSocks dropping some funky disco, a brand new composition from Plastik Soul who seem to be in my face everywhere just lately delivering their stunning deep house produce, a brave and cheeky remix from Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion who attempt to pay tribute to a global classic in a jungle-breaks style, and Bustre & Phase bringing some delectable liquid DnB.

Meaning by Motna The Bad Tango Remix

The Breakbeat tangent of Psybreaks is pretty much dominated by a certain few and it is arguably “owned” by Broken Robot Records. Every now and then a newcomer comes onto the scene and excites a couple of folk. That’s what has happened here with the introduction of Motna who comes with an original and this exquisite remix by Bad Tango who takes us on a psychedelic journey with the broken beat filled with tweaks and bleeps aplenty carting us down the road to wondrous escapism.

Out now released by Broken Robot Records and is available on Beatport.


Facebook: facebook.com/motnamusic

Bad Tango

Facebook: facebook.com/BadTango

I’ll Be Getting Down by DiscoSocks

I think this is wicked! I am a sucker for disco tunes of a funky nature and this is just a lovely piece with some slap-bass, groove and really cool vocals over the top.

DiscoSocks’ sound continues to evolve from a more rigid house tempo to a selection incorporating all manner of stompin’ funk tempos, and ‘I’ll Be Getting Down’ demonstrates this perfectly. A super-huge slap bass groove underpinning a typically infectious ‘Socks hook – Heavy Disco

This is a free download which you can pick up right now, just here.

DiscoSocks on

Twitter: @discosocks

DiscoSocks on

Facebook: facebook.com/DiscoSocks

That’s What I Want by Plastik Soul

Not this is what I call a beautiful find. Especially when a few of my friends keep talking about them. This is the kind of deep house which is just impossible to ignore and love. Cracking work and well worth keeping on a loop for about an hour. I’m liking Plastik Soul alot.

.. like, share and tell your Mum.

An awesome find and a free download.

Plastik Soul on

Twitter: @_PlastikSoul

Plastik Soul on

Facebook: facebook.com/Plastik-Soul

Teardrop by Massive Attack The Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Refix

I’ll let this be written by Vinyl Junkie. Wonderful! Kudos to Sanxion too. No wonder they are getting the Sub Slayers support. 140 jungle at it’s finest.

Little Remix Me and Sanxion did. We were going for an Omni Trio kinda vibe.

This is our take on a beautiful tune and no disrespect is intended. In fact it is a tribute to one of the greatest artists to ever emerge from my beloved hometown of Bristol. Big Respect to MASSIVE ATTACK.

And to Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins who supplied the vocals for this track.


Enjoy forever here – It’s a free download.

Vinyl Junkie

Twitter: @djvinyljunkie
Facebook: facebook.com/TheOriginalVinylJunkie


Twitter: @sparky_sanxion
Facebook: facebook.com/Sanxion

Noir by Bustre & Phase

This is the kind of drum & bass that should be sprawled across the commercial charts. Absolutely heavenly! No aggression but solid. No ego yet charming. Just beats flowing graciously with the occasional boom. Dark with moments of light. It’s just lovely and liquid from the house Subsphere Records.

With further listening to the rest of the EP from where this came from, the work that this pairing do is magical. My track of the week.


Twitter: @BustreDnB
Facebook: facebook.com/BustreMusic

Collectively, here they exist.

#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.6


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#5TunesThatYouMustHear Pt.6
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