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Ram Records Release Wilkinson’s DnB Delight ‘Afterglow’

Afterglow by Wilkinson with the Remixes EP

One of the biggest drum & bass tunes to have hit the commercial airwaves recently has been named by Zane Lowe as his Hottest Record, the spectrum of DnB have supported this delightful piece by Wilkinson, and today it has finally hit the digital stores.

Support has come far and wide for this release. Jaguar Skills, Dirtyphonics, Dismantle, DB Breaks, DJ Phantasy, Andy C, but then again, Andy C would support this being as it is released by his label Ram Records through Virgin EMI.

This is DnB for the masses: Vibrant, bouncy with delightful melodies and fantastic vocals, all along with an adorable music video.

The original release is out but it has several remixes on a separate package – see player below. On the remixes EP there is a cheeky-sounding house mix by DEVolution, raucous and dark DnB by Cyantific, big room trance vibes coming from Cutline and a big-beat EDM take coming from Dyro. All of which contain the deletable voice of singer Becky Hill.

There are a few DnB tracks getting commercial airplay over the last few years and this is one of those tracks that will be played continuously for some time. Fortunately though, it’s that good, I don’t think that we are likely to get sick of it.

Afterglow by Wilkinson is out now from Ram Records under exclusive licence to Virgin EMI Records


Ram Records Release Wilkinsons DnB Delight Afterglow


Ram Records Release Wilkinsons DnB Delight Afterglow

Wilkinson on

Twitter: @WilkinsonUK

Wilkinson on

Facebook: facebook.com/wilkinsonuk

The Remixes

Ram Records Release Wilkinsons DnB Delight Afterglow


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Ram Records Release Wilkinsons DnB Delight Afterglow
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