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An Angel EP by Hunter/Game from Last Night on Earth Records

An Angel EP by Hunter/Game from Last Night On Earth Records

This is why I’ve fallen for this latest release from Sasha’s label ‘Last Night On Earth’ with ‘An Angel EP’ by Italian producers Hunter/Game. I can’t deal with bass music all of the time as much as I love it. But every decent bass driven tune still has to possess a head nodding groove of some sort and an enchanting style of melody to hook you into the track.

The title track ‘An Angel’ apparently “pricked the ears of Sasha when he first heard it” and I can empathise as to why. The tune emits sexiness in the most lustful way. The deep techno foundation is subtle and smoother than silk-laced teflon. The bass nudges you without being harsh or too encompassing. Groovy sounds too cheesy but it is an EP full to the brim with defining groove. The electronic fill-ins that encroach have a pleasant darkness to them. A spooky, naughtiness. The track ‘Novox’ has the same simple eerie drum ticks lightly trickling away but with a some synths that just chill your insides from your neck downwards. Dark and twisted deep house. Wonderful stuff! And then on the third track of the EP ‘Your Essence’ has a more prominent bassline but not the wobbles nor the ridiculous. A firm groove, soft and sultry discotheque warmth and seducing vocal samples.

The whole EP is fantastically seductive and brilliantly put together. I am an immediate fan of this. Good work to Hunter/Game and props to Sasha for picking these gemstones up in the first place. Wonderful.

It’s an adorable record and support for Hunter/Game comes by way of Pete Tong – so enough said really. Quite possibly the most delightful record to have reached my inbox this month. Most definitely a ‘dead good tune’.

‘An Angel EP’ by Hunter/Game from Last Night on Earth Records is out now only on Beatport


An Angel EP by Hunter/Game from Last Night on Earth Records


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An Angel EP by Hunter/Game from Last Night on Earth Records
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