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Audio Phreaks Presents Dubstep Monsters Mixed by Bar9

Dubstep Monsters front Bar9

Audio Phreaks are back with a brand spanking new compilation Dubstep Monsters that is mixed by one of the biggest and most respected duos in the Dubstep scene, Bar9.

If you are a dubstep or even a Bar9 fan and you are into your production, then keep reading as there are some details below, that just may be of interest.

The compilation is jammed packed with some of the biggest anthems released on the Audio Phreaks imprint including names such as Nero, Borgore, 16bit, Reso, Emalkay, Bare Noize and, of course, Bar9.

The mix takes you on a journey of hard-hitting basslines, stomach punching beats and hair-raising melodies that can only be described as the Audio Phreaks sound.

The mix is absolutely seamless and really shows off what incredible talents Bar9 have as a pair of DJs.

There are 2 unreleased tracks from Bar9 in the form of Dark City and Virus, that show off a developed Bar9 sound that we have heard in previous productions, yet still keep the Bar9 signature sound well intact.

And as if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, there is also a cheeky little VIP mix of Bar9’s underground smash The Beginning.

All 3 tracks are unreleased and exclusive to this almighty compilation as well as 2 unreleased tracks from newcomers Archie Cane and Future Echo. If you haven’t heard of Archie Cane or Future Echo yet, then the mix supplies an ample amount of their productions for you to get your ear around. These guys take Dubstep to a whole new level and are sure to be big names to watch out for.

This truly is one monstrous compilation, and then some. As the dubstep genre has managed to leave the dark corner clubs of Croydon, London to become a global dance music phenomenon over recent years, this is proper, raucous and homegrown UK dubstep for the real die-hard fans.

The preview mix in the player below does the full mix justice, but in another way, it doesn’t. It is a free download which you can get here, but you are better getting the true version when Audio Phreaks unleash it.

If you class yourself as a true fan of dubstep, then you’ll be more than a fan of this release.

Audio Phreaks Present Dubstep Monsters mixed by Bar9 is released on September 30th, 2013

Bar9 on Twitter: @bar9uk

Bar9 on Facebook: facebook.com/BAR9UK


* – Exclusive

1: 16bit – Swine Flu
2: Durty Phresh – Swagger On A Million
3: Nero – End Of The World
4: Durty Phresh – Speakers Up
5: Future Echo feat Katie’s Ambition – Commit
6: Future Echo – Don’t Stop
7: Bar9 – Shaolin Style
8: Nero – This Way
9: Borgore – Ambient Dub Shit
10: Bar9 – Dark City *
11: Bar9 – Strung Out
12: Archie Cane – Bad B
13: Bar9 – Virus *
14: Reso – Technetium
15: Future Echo – Demonic Airwave *
16: Archie Cane – Anarchy (VIP) *
17: Bar9 – Murda Sound
18: Nero – Bad Trip
19: Bar9 – Piano Tune (VIP)
20: Archie Cane – Buskape
21: Bar9 – The Beginning (VIP) *
22: Bar9 – Midnight
23: TRG – Killed It Dead (Emalkay Remix)
24: Riskotheque – Just You
25: Genetix – Squid Attack
26: Archie Cane feat Felicity Abbott – Screaming
27: Future Echo – Hidden Intentions
28: Future Echo – Dark Morph

Audio Phreaks & Bar9 Dubstep Monsters Mix Contest in association with Novation and EarPeace

Bar9 have established themselves as one of the most creative and consistent acts in dubstep today. As producers and DJs they’ve pushed the envelope as far as anyone, as evidenced on their latest mix CD Dubstep Monsters. To celebrate this release they are really excited to be working alongside premier music equipment manufacturer Novation to offer people the chance to take their own music to the next level.

The Novation Launchpad S gives you the chance to perform and create music, both on stage and in the studio.

Ableton is used by some of the biggest electronic artists in their live performances and Novation’s Launchpad is the cutting edge in Ableton controllers. With one of these and the Ableton software included, a budding producer/DJ could take their live performances to the next level. It can also be used with other software and Novation’s new Launchpad App, which is free to download on iTunes.

But first we need to see what you’ve already got. The Dubstep Monsters mix that Bar9 have created is a retrospective of the output of dubstep’s most influential labels. Audio Phreaks has released music by Nero, Borgore, 16bit, Reso, Emalkay, Bare Noize and, of course, Bar9, to name but a few. But what can you do with the label’s back catalogue?

We want DJs and producers to cut and blend Audio Phreaks releases into a 5 minute sonic excursion that blows us and Bar9 away. If you can do that then you’ll get a Novation Launchpad S to help your music career really take off. You’ll also get one year’s Pro Unlimited Soundcloud account to let the world hear as many of your new compositions as you want!

Not only that but you (and some lucky runners up) will also get some EarPeace hearing protection earplugs, a copy of Dubstep Monsters signed by Bar9 and an Audio Phreaks t-shirt.

The Soundcloud group with all the details is here.

The contest closes on 30th September so get on it!

Audio Phreaks Presents Dubstep Monsters Mixed by Bar9


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Audio Phreaks Presents Dubstep Monsters Mixed by Bar9
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