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Beethoven’s Filth by Marty Party and Freq Nasty w/ Free Download

Beethovens Filth by Marty Party and Freq Nasty

Right then. I have returned and now with a new URL, a new look and also now I am in good company, I shall be getting back to what I believe I do best, and that my dear likers, followers and friends, is picking out a ‘dead good tune’. This one however by Marty Party and Freq Nasty titled ‘Beethoven’s Filth’, is a very good tune indeed and I’ve been waiting for ages to get this shared out and about.

The track itself was actually in my inbox well over two months ago and even though it has been floating around for a short time already, it really does have a timeless vibe that does pretty much what you’d expect. Deliver some sterling, filthy tomes. But remember, this is a Freq Nasty collaboration and Mr. Nasty does like the dirty beats, yet this is just something else.

The core melody of the track is the pleasant sound of a violin being electronically struck in a abrupt and choppy manner with the incredibly abrasive bassline ripping passed, through and over the main riff and then comes the drop. and you can feel your eyeballs twitching in time to the destructive vibrations of the deep grinding bass tones. If it was anything filthier then an age certificate would have to be applied for, because it almost wrong. It is an excellent, dirty stomper falling into the realms of Glitch Hop.

As a plus, this single release has a track on the flip but you can download the track for free straight from the Freq Nasty website. The tune is sweeter than the former. The strings are a touch more refined and flow with far more ease and the bass is more supporting and warming rather than being such a destructive force. ‘Silkstep’ is the term coined to categorise this track which was pretty much made up by Nasty on the spot. It’s a steady tune and quite a delightful, chilled-out roller. This is ‘Hot Delux’ and you can get it here.

As far as collaborations go, this one works well and would love to hear them both do more together.

‘Beethoven’s Filth by Marty Party & Freq Nasty’ is out now released by Freq Nasty Recordings.


On Beatport: http://btprt.dj/SUGKgw
On iTunes UK & Europe: http://bit.ly/OLLTfv
On iTunes US & Canada: http://bit.ly/Thdgie
On Amazon: http://amzn.to/QNCMtm


Beethovens Filth by Marty Party and Freq Nasty w/ Free Download


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Beethovens Filth by Marty Party and Freq Nasty w/ Free Download
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