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BlackJack / Hollywood by Quadrat Beat w/ The Remixes [Breaks Glitch]

BlackJack / Hollywood by Quadrat Beat w/ The Remixes [Breaks Glitch]

Although dance music is everywhere, certain styles stick out in certain places across the World. Breakbeats are very much a global genre. Florida love their breaks, as do the Spaniards, Hungary and also countries like Russia, Poland and Latvia. The latter is home to Expand Records and the two latest releases from them have been down to the work of @QuadratBeat who are a duo also from Latvia and are very much appreciated by breaks fans across the planet. With the double A release of ‘BlackJack/Hollywood’ only a fortnight or so ago, the ‘Remixes’ EP shows the global aims of this young label with the support from producers of the former Eastern Bloc, Spain and beyond.

With a few psybreaks bleeps and tweaks this track grows into a growling bassline monster with a lovely, addictive flow which is very much the Quadrat Beat style. The tune has bounce and plenty of jumpy goodness. With a sweet break that has some delightful trance style riffs, it builds up again to a drop that comes down subtly but with a charming moodiness.

Our Spanish take on the original comes from Blazer who has gone down the punchier route and added a few more broken beat elements, chopping it up and delivering a bolshy bombardment of bass and grimy mid effects. The core groove from the trance riffs are still present but @Blazerbreaks has added a touch more depth on the bass. Like the original before, the break is pleasant but after the drop we have it heavier, dirtier and with more thunder. My favourite out of the three.

A more progressive nature on the intro to this version by Shockillaz but the contrast continues with a touch of the groove gone and more rumbling bass tones echoing and resonating in your ears. The light riffs still present and more in balance than the previous remixes but there is no messing on this one. It’s just an onslaught of abrasive bass.

Quadrat Beat have brought to us a wonderful roller of a tune with ‘Hollywood’ and it is very difficult I think not to like it. It has a certain flow that is calming without being soft, dirty without it being considered as filth and the balance of the tune is just brilliant as the highs are leveled out with the lows, so on and so forth. The vocal sample is just perfect for the gritty bass and the groove is not stomping nor pounding but gracious and conservative. It is a stunning tune.

It is difficult to improve on something which is already very good and @Seth_Vogt manages to not mess around with the original too much. The additional electro effects just fill the track up a bit and with the additional echoes and reverb on the riffs and vocal, the flavour of the record is still there but it just becomes more anthemic for the trance appreciators. Still a wondrous vibe from Seth.

Kid Digital goes down an entirely different route and veers out of the breaks and more into glitch territory, and manages it successfully too. The funk element is now installed so with the sweet foundation of the original along with the the misfiring beat and reduced pace, the tune now has a sexier feel and it is very hard to love, as it ticks all of the right boxes.

With the original releases coming out last month I find it quick for Expand to deliver the remixes so soon, but what I stunning package it is. With players such as Quadrat Beat and company on board, this new label will grow substantially over the next year. Especially if they’re banging out tunes like these.

‘BlackJack/Hollywood’ by Quadrat Beat is out now and the ‘Remixes’ EP is out on June 19th 2012, both of course released by Expand Records

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BlackJack / Hollywood by Quadrat Beat w/ The Remixes [Breaks Glitch]


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BlackJack / Hollywood by Quadrat Beat w/ The Remixes [Breaks Glitch]
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