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Breakspoll 2013 – ‘thetruejoe90’ Recommends

Breakspoll 2013 - 'thetruejoe90' Recommends

Well, all the campaigns are pretty much drawing to a close but from today those desperate, crying out for and striving to get your votes will be plastering the social networking sites all with one word in common: Breakspoll 2013 – The International Breakbeat Awards. This is what ‘thetruejoe90’ recommends.

The International Breakbeat Awards started life back in 2001 with an online voting competition amongst a small group of breaks fans and producers. Over the years, the idea and event has grown massive in size – now taking over some of Londons hottest and biggest nightclubs for multi-day events every year, aswell as taking the brand on tour across the World, including a 10,000 capacity Festival in Spain. A Breakspoll award is the ultimate accolade in the breaks scene – voted for by thousands globally, a Breakspoll award is the recognition that most people yearn for and work for, and is a celebration of an artists hard work and dedication.

Breakbeat is a strong genre of music which seems to work it’s way in many others despite receiving little recognition yet without fail on an annual basis Jimmy Brayks and his small close knit team ensure that the smaller producers, artists, DJs, labels and the like receive some form of acknowledgement by way of a Breakspoll award.

Some people go crazy in Febraury to get your vote and some people sit back and let the votes roll in by themselves but for bloggers like myself, I do like to make sure that there are certain people, collectives and friends that I feel deserve to be rewarded and this is my selection with the reasons why. But I will stress, despite my affiliations, I am by no way at all being bias as that is not how I work. It’s all about the music, is it not?

Voting closes at 5pm GMT on Monday February 11th 2013

Best Track

‘I Was There’ by Meat Katie

The Lot49 head honcho delivers a rolling delight of epic proportions. A fusion of genres with a broken beat foundation that will take you off to another plain of existence where you can saviour the groove and disappear into the track. A brilliant record by Meat Katie.

Best Remix

‘Magnetic Eyes ft Baby Blue’ by Matrix & Futurebound (PYRAMID Remix)

As the original track is still climbing up the commercial charts, PYRAMID have taken the core parts out and then shrouded them with a booming bassline at a 140bpom pace. It is just INSANE, and I can’t get enough of it. PYRAMID smash it up. They always smash it up.

Best Album

‘Sounds Out Of Time’ by Freefall Collective

One of the best and most regular live acts to have appeared on the Arcadia stage at Glastonbury FINALLY release an album of their hits. It has been a long time coming and is very much, highly welcomed and about time too. An immediate classic.

Best Label


Now, it is almost obvious that I was going to pick Funkatech but let’s ask why? My answer: Far Too Loud, Specimen A, PYRAMID, James D’ley, Miss Trouble. I don’t have to say anymore. The ever-developing brand still drops a few Breaks bangers but the way the label has gone by way of progressing, Funkatech is without doubt the label Breakbeat fans will forever adore.

Best New Label

‘Elektroshok Records’

Last years finalists deserve to win it this year, as this new label is becoming a firm contender for the Best Label next year. The new powerhouse of unleashing bangers on a constant and consistent level in the genre. Tirelessly working on pushing out new tunes. Relentlessly delivering. A score of incredible releases over the course of Elektroshok’s inception and by far becoming the best Breakbeat label in the game.

Best Producer


Looking back over the course of the year since the last Breakspoll event, from PYRAMID we have released several terrific, dancefloor shakers and they are respected by colleagues, loved by fellow producers and adored by fans. No question. The best. End of.

Breakthrough Producer


Having created a stir in the genre for the last two years or so, I think it can safely be said that Refracture has definitely broken through. Having had a string of insatiable remixes for the likes of Beatman & Ludmilla, Paul Oakenfold and a small score of originals, it is now his time and this is thoroughly deserved. 2013 we will see and hear a lot more of “Fractured Music”.

Best Dj


To be a doctor, to be a family man, to be a brilliant producer with a few number ones under his belt and also deliver it in a live set, Hedflux is most definitely the man. The psybreaks guru unleashes his psychedelic tech-funk upon the masses in such a clean, smart and delectable fashion that he one of the finest DJs “out there” and flying the flag for Broken Robot Records.

Breakthrough DJ

‘The Sickbot’

Passion is seen in different ways but with The Sickbot it is everyway possible. Pushing and pushing and even annoying the Breakspoll organises to a point – jokes – this new DJ gives it his all and it is not only admirable and commendable, it is good that the genre still has someone who is so passionate about it. Breakspoll need more Sickbots.

Best Large Event


No reason to give really is there? I mean. Just look at it! The fun and frivolity of Boomtown which played host to a string of Breaks producers, artists, DJs and bands, Boomtown everytime and I’m sure many of the bookings that performed there would surely have this large event near the top of their list.

Best Small Event

‘Viper & Funkatech @ Cable’

Cable Club is the new home of Viper & Funkatech’s quarterly nights featuring the hottest names in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro and of course Breaks. With the Funkatech family appearing in London on a regular basis along with friends coming in as guests, it’s one of the best regular nights in the capital.

Best Website/Blog

I will leave that up to you

– ‘thetruejoe90’ (Breakspoll Award Nominated Blogger 2012) now at funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

Best Radio Station

‘NSB Radio’

Still continually delivering a score of quality breaks from around the World with so many styles, varieties and shows, it really can only be NSB Radio to be honest. But they do need to sort out their Soundcloud, though.

Best Radio Show

‘The Bass Force Show with Billy Onions’

One of the most diverse of shows, Billy Onions brings heart, bass and breaks every Sunday night from 7pm GMT on Rough Tempo Radio and his dedication deserves recognition. This is my EXCLUSIVE mixtape brought to you by Billy himself. – Free Download HERE

Best Free Track

‘Cold As Ice’ by Foreigner (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Bootleg)

Just after winning the award for Best Free Track last year, I had a chat with A.Skillz and he told me about this coming up. When he finally dropped it, I thought, “He’s only gone and done it again”. A.Skillz has done it again. Big ups to him and Nick Thayer for this cheeky wonder. – Free Download HERE.

HOWEVER, this is still one of the most awesome tunes to have been unleashed for nothing over the last few months and deserves some further airplay – Check this out and download it HERE

Best Live Act

Unfortunately there are not enough decent quality videos up on any of the networks that show the level of enthusiasm, belief and simple dedication that Dreadzone emit into a camera. The stalwarts of the live act scene, the band everybody knows and they are still doing it and doing it well. Dreadzone every time.

Breakspoll – The International Breakbeat Awards event is being held at Cable, London on Saturday 2nd March 2013 from 9pm – 6am. It’ll be a who’s who of an evenbing with the awards being presented by fruitcake, comedic legend of a producer of bass, High Rankin. There’ll be plenty of jokes and laughs and will surely be an entertaining evening.

Voting closes at 5pm GMT on Monday February 11th 2013

Tickets are available here: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/36519
Download directions to the club: http://www.cable-london.com/images/uploads/docs/downloadableMap.pdf
And here’s a map to have a browse –

Breakspoll 2013   thetruejoe90 Recommends


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Breakspoll 2013   thetruejoe90 Recommends
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