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Can’t Hide It by Deekline & Hardy Hard The Mafia Kiss & Ed Solo Remixes

Mafia Kiss is one of the more bizarre breakbeat phenomenons. Two years ago nobody knew of him but since his incredible Breakspoll win taking the Best New Producer category, the world of breakbeats now know of Mafia Kiss. Even a genre stalwart such as Deekline who on this track has collaborated with Hardy Hard, has been made aware and for the new guy, it’s an honour.

The remix for Deekline & Hardy Hard came about after Nick (Deekline) heard my ‘Ruffneck’ edit during my set at ‘Fire’ for ‘Stanton Sessions’. He then heard my new track ‘It Began In Detroit’ that is coming out on ‘Punks’ & wanted a mix that was similar to the two tracks: Big room but with that big bass kick pattern that I’ve been knocking out lately. He emailed me asking if I would want to do a remix on ‘Can’t Hide It‘, & I jumped at the chance.

I’ve had many a night bouncing around like a mad man whenever he’s dropped the original in his sets so I thought fuck it, I’ll give it a go. My girlfriend was a bit worried as she said the original was untouchable but that just made wanna do it even more. To prove to myself & people that I could do a sterling job. I hope I did!? People seem to like it including Marten Hørger & I send my stuff to him regularly for his approval. So if he likes it: I’m happy! – Mafia Kiss

This particular release by Deekline & Hardy Hardhopefully for them – is a serious money spinner being as they have TONS of remixes for this knocking about after a remix competition a few months back. But after scanning through the variations of the original, I have to say that Paul Barons’s version under his Mafia Kiss guise is genuinely one of the better takes. The tune has a storming bass kick pattern – like he says above – which carries some punch, not just kick. The mids have a touch of cheeky aggression which brings some swagger to the tune rather it being a full-on bass driven monster. A smart piece of balance and harmoniously pretty damn cool.

As there are so many different variations, I can’t just pick out one so it was humbling to see the underground legend that is Ed Solo having a crack. He has belted the original with a fine crack from the DnB whip. Ed Solo brings some bounce, some punch and some synths that have been melting my mind! It is a very no-nonsense rendition and when it drops, it is very unkind. You’ll love it.

On the official release package which is a remixes EP of ‘Can’t Hide It‘ have the impressive talents of the previously mentioned Ed Solo and Mafia Kiss but accompanied with Inasound, Eklektik Mindz, Jurassik and Si-Dog.

The ‘Can’t Hide It’ Remixes EP by Deekline & Hardy Hard is out now released by Rat Records

 Cant Hide It by Deekline & Hardy Hard The Mafia Kiss & Ed Solo Remixes

 Cant Hide It by Deekline & Hardy Hard The Mafia Kiss & Ed Solo Remixes


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 Cant Hide It by Deekline & Hardy Hard The Mafia Kiss & Ed Solo Remixes
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