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Coffee & Keys – Interview with Sonny Wharton

Coffee & Keys by Sonny Wharton of Skint Records - http://funkatech.com

Sonny Wharton is a prime example of a “Superfan” chasing his dream to meet and greet his teenage idols and rubbing shoulders with them in later life. After a string of success with Skint Records and his own imprint Whartone Records, he has grown into an established and credible producer and DJ touring the World and giving back to his supporters. Sonny takes some time out to chat about his forthcoming release ‘Coffee & Keys‘ – out on July 1st 2013 exclusively on Beatport – and he talks about intimate gigs, feeling lucky and how he is against living miserably:

How was Lithuania?

It was great thanks – my first time there and really enjoyed the experience! A beautiful country with beautiful people. Can’t wait to go back again later in the year.

Would you say that is one of the most interesting places that you’ve played or do you have other tails of random countries to add to a list?

I’ve been really lucky to play lots of interesting places. I got to tour China fairly extensively and visit everywhere from their larger cities like Shanghai and Beijing to many of the small towns over there which was quite an eye opener and a vast difference in degrees of culture and development between them all.

You’ve got the Strawberry Fields Festival coming up in August and you played last year as well which was a lovely set, I have to say. Looking forward to it?

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it as much as I did – Absolutely can’t wait to play there again this year after the last one. I remember the level of production in the tent was great with the visuals and Funktion One sound system and the crowd were really up for it and engaging to play for. Roll on August! – get you tickets here.

You’ve also got Ministry Of Sound, Global Gathering, Wickerman, all of which are big gigs indeed. Are you missing the smaller clubs?

I’m not really missing them as such because I still get to play some smaller shows here and there – club wise nothing can really beat an intimate environment for me as it’s a lot more fun connecting with the people there with you rather than being far away from them on a big stage.

Your latest release ‘Coffee & Keys‘, why call it that?

It’s quite a simple story to be honest – I’d been drinking an espresso (coffee) and when I finished it the idea of adding the piano (keys) hook came to me.

I believe the feedback has been quite exceptional with Danny Howard dropping it on BBC Radio 1 the other evening whilst standing in for Pete Tong. Any other big supporters?

Yeah I was really surprised at the support so far with people like Sister Bliss (Faithless), Freemasons, Mihalis Safras and Andi Durrant (Capital) all on board and over the moon to hear Danny (Howard) play it on the Essential Selection when he stood in for Pete Tong last weekend. It’s been in the DMC Buzzchart for the last 2 weeks holding strong around the top 10 as well so I’m looking forward to see it come out now!

When it comes to big supporters though, having grown up and being musically influenced by Fatboy Slim, X-Press 2, Meat Katie and the like, and now they know you and you’re working alongside some of these artists, do you have to pinch yourself sometimes?

It’s very surreal to be honest – all of these guys are people I’ve been fans of for years and bought lots of their records so to be even noticed by them is amazing let alone working alongside them. I feel very very lucky!

Who’s on you hit list for a collaboration then or do we already have something interesting happening in the pipeline?

I’ve got a bit of a wish list I’m working to and some really great tracks in the pipeline with X-Press 2, Dave Davis, Meat Katie, Steve Smith and Marco Lys as well as a follow up to ‘Runnin‘ with DJ Chus and a couple of projects that I’m not sure I can mention yet but really excited to be involved on.

With all of this general awesomeness that you have got going on, you must be constantly on a high. How come you’ve become an ambassador for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and what does it mean to you?

Without going into too much personal detail it means a lot to me and is something very close to my heart. CALM is an amazing charity focusing on both supporting and raising awareness to the UK’s biggest killer of men – Suicide. The statistics are really sad to read with up to 13 suicides a day that 1 person every 2 hours and this is something that I feel strongly needs to be addressed. Traditionally us guys aren’t very forthcoming with talking about our feelings and things like depression often get brushed aside and ignored which can be fatal, literally. It’s obviously not a very happy or fun topic to discuss and most people may prefer to shy away from it but I genuinely think this needs to change and we all need to make a conscious effort to look out for our colleagues and friends and talk more openly about things when feeling down. If anyone reading this wants more info or help and advice go to: http://www.thecalmzone.net

What’s next for Sonny Wharton?

In the next few weeks I’ve got shows coming up at Ministry Of Sound, London, Nozstock, Wickerman, Strawberry Fields and Global Gathering Festivals as well as heading to Seattle and LA for my first shows in the US. My label Whartone is approaching its 100th release and aside from these I’m focusing heavily on making music this year so expect a lot of tracks to drop after the summer.

The forthcoming tune ‘Coffee & Keys‘ is a fun and wholesome classic sounding House track with plenty of positive vibes and will no doubt remove any frowns about the dancefloor and replace them with big grins. It has a delightful 128bpm tune with a warming Disco groove and is totally non-offensive throughout.

The tune is basically, Sonny Wharton.

‘Coffee & Keys’ by Sonny Wharton is released by Skint Records on July 1st, 2013

Sonny @ Strawberry Fields


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Coffee & Keys   Interview with Sonny Wharton


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Coffee & Keys   Interview with Sonny Wharton
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