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Control The Void by Monk3ylogic – Exclusive

Control The Void by Monk3ylogic w/ The Too Dusty Remix - EXCLUSIVE | http://funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

Certain acts are the dons of their chosen genre and Monk3ylogic can get away arguably as the best duo in the psybreaks scene. Altering the usual funk of breakbeats and adding an epic layer of Goa Trance and psychedlic tweaks and bleeps, these are the guys that are on the tip of everybody’s tongue when talking about the extraterrestrial broken beats. ‘Control The Void’ is the forthcoming release from the wondrous Monk3ylogic and it is accompanied by a man who has stormed through to be a Beatport chart regular, Too Dusty.

To be released from the vaults of Broken Records on – – this ‘EXCLUSIVE’ first showing displays only snippets of mental awesomeness.

The original of ‘Control The Void’ has the classic “boom, kick, boom, boom, kick” drum foundation driving the record on but the electronic effects are typical Monk3ylogic but on this record the journey is far more spiritual in comparison to previous releases. Still with a trippy nature, the usual haunting aura but over time the gents can give a more punchy melody and a further, more harmonious chord progression. A typical Monk3ylogic mind meld of sensational audio effects nevertheless.

Too Dusty brings his fusion of trancey electro breaks. Rumbling basslines are emphasised and a measure of additional of filth in the vibrational form of deep synths.

I had the chance to ask Mike from Monk3ylogic how he felt about the release and how Too Dusty got onto the ‘Control The Void’ remix:

“Over the last year Too Dusty has really taken the scene by storm with his high energy and unique take of the psy breaks sound, along with some excellent production. We had a similar situation to the Cortex remix but in reverse. This time we knew our track was on the milder tip as opposed to what we would usually release and we knew Too Dusty would deliver a higher energy track to complement the EP. For us he did just that and We are all really happy with it.”

– Mike Logic

So as Monk3ylogic tone it down, Too Dusty takes it back up and up that little bit further still. Where the original fits nicely in the realms of the broken beat, the Too Dusty remix can move into the more trance state areas.

As always, a mesmerising record.

‘Control The Void’ by Monk3ylogic with The Too Dustry Remix is released by Broken Records on Dec 24th, 2012


On: Beatport


Control The Void by Monk3ylogic   Exclusive


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Control The Void by Monk3ylogic   Exclusive
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