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Disco Tekkers by Hoi!

‘Disco Tekkers’ by Hoi! is one of the very songs that has managed to get my spine tingling this week. A hard core fusion of classic House and funky Electro released by Snap Music.

This track has the stereotypical strings from the genre of house to get you in the mood for some slight nostalgia and it gets the juices flowing and your hips swaying. The groove then takes you down a route where you are pleasantly subjected to some abrasive filthy Electro synths. The combination works really well and can be delivered in a variety of sets. As long as the crowd look like they like it a bit dirty. If as rule they don’t, they will do now.

Hoi! bring some fantastic raucous beats to us every now then and this is no exception.

‘Disco Tekkers’ by Hoi! is out now released by Snap Music


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Disco Tekkers by Hoi!


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Disco Tekkers by Hoi!
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