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Don’t Call Me EP by The Mastertrons [Electro Dubstep]

Dont Call Me EP by The Mastertrons [Electro Dubstep]

Shattering soundsystems in their home country of Italy @TheMastertrons have the ability to not only put them into pieces but to demolish them and have them crumbled into particles of sand. With their latest piece of material this duo are moving quickly and becoming rather well-known for their studio antics that combine elements of DnB and dubstep then wrapping them up with an electro vibe in a very humble and melodious manner.

This is the ‘Don’t Call Me EP’, and this is very heavy.

With a funky, electronic bass riff finger picking away as the intro builds on the title track of the release ‘Don’t Call Me’ we know we are in for something quite different. As the initial bars take us down the tune we have have serious growls echoing in the background penetrating the pleasant growth but then we are in for a total bass driven journey. The dubstep that some of us know of is now altered and on this storming release, this track is totally driven by a raucous and coarse level of depth, warbling and wobbling away. Normally I find this kind of dubstep annoying and monotonous but the way the effects are moved into a groove is really quite something. The light, simple notes that hover above give the tune a balance because of the contrast which makes this a tune worth shaking your backside to.

Why the name ‘Matilda’ I do not know but if it is referring to a woman then she is a very naughty lady indeed because this tune is just rife with filth. This is a pacy 170bpm and on this dubstepDnB fused bouncer we again have piercing high tones tapping us the beat of the tune, but with severe stammering depth. The track is an amalgamation of all things dirty with deep, abrasive bass and naughtiness of dirty, dutch house at a drum and bass speed. A dirty, drumstep number.

After listening to the previous tunes you would perhaps be wondering what onslaught is likely to be coming next with this electro labeled track, and to be honest, it is not much softer. ‘Sideways’ is propelled by low, raunchy resonance as we have come to expect but this time the moderate beat gives us the need to swagger with the tune rather than to mosh with it. The groove is lowdown and dirty combined with the echoing tweaks and bleeps makes this an anthemic, dancefloor destroyer.

When ‘Abomynio’ kicks off we are welcomed with an eeriness and creepiness that usually comes along with sinister horror movies but when the first drop comes in we are smacked in the face with an array of depth unlike anything I have ever heard. Perhaps a strong statement but the combination of effects and patches that are within this track are unreal. It sounds like Knife Party have split up from their partners, had a heroin overload with Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson in a studio on a month long bender. Harmonious, caustic and brilliant dubstep. My favourite from the release for sure.

I have said before that the Italian way of electro tends to be rockier and darker than most but this really puts Italy on the map for deep, heavy dubstep style records, and I really like it.

‘Don’t Call Me’ EP by The Mastertrons is out now released by Freakz Me Out Records

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Dont Call Me EP by The Mastertrons [Electro Dubstep]


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Dont Call Me EP by The Mastertrons [Electro Dubstep]
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