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Electro Tunes With Touches Of Madness From Smitech Wesson

Smitech Wesson Interview

Sahara EP by Smitech Wesson

Making music has never been easier due to the technological advances there have been over the years, so now it is quite the battle to get the music heard. MySpace was once the main platform. It has launched the careers of the excellent Indie-Rock band Arctic Monkeys, the saccharin sweet Lily Allen, and in my mind, also the Turkish producer Smitech Wesson. In the days when social networking was really taking off, all the three aforementioned acts were ensuring that their work was getting heard. The Monkey’s could now retire, the former Miss Allen has just made an astonishing career comeback, but now it is the time of Smitech Wesson as he takes on the heavy might of electronic dance music.

After a few releases over the recent years establishing himself as a producer, his forthcoming release is an important body of work for him as it has taken some time to put together. He has created “his baby”, as it were.

How was the feedback on your last release, the Zohre EP?

I got great feedback. People loved ‘Zöhre‘ and big names like Joachim Garraud, Make The Girl Dance.. I was proud of this release.

It has been a short while since that came out, how come it has taken so long to release this?

When I began to make the songs I had lots of ideas and I wanted use all of them. Then I picked some sounds and categorised them. Every song of mine has different emotions but same energy.

You have been working on this EP for 2 years!? How come?

Yes I worked for this for 2 years. Both arabic, orchestral, techno, electro, and dance music. I wanted to combine these sounds although they are all very different emotions, it takes time for these feelings to occur.

I hear a mixture of influences in your sound from dance and rock music but who would you say has influenced your music?

I use unusual and different sounds and I tried to be my own style, but of course, I like some artists like Boys Noize and Proxy.

There are a variety of different sounds too. What instruments did you use or was it all done electronically?

There are some sounds that I use instruments, but overall it was done in an electronic environment.

Which track on the EP took the most time and why?

‘Sahara’ (the title track from the EP) took a lot of my time because there are different feelings in it. Arab tunes, drop, machine sounds and emotion.

Why is this release so important to you?

I worked very hard on this EP. I spent 2 years of time. It was important for me to reflect how I feel, to be different in each song. I always listened to different styles of music.

Do you have a favourite?

The 4 songs on this EP are very different from each other. I don’t have a favourite .

It is early to ask but do you have a remix package planned for this?

Yes, these remixes almost finished. Very nice, and surprising names. We are planning this Remixes EP for February 2014.

What is next for Smitech Wesson?

I’ve already started to work on new projects. I can give you some clue about new stuff: The new songs will be crazy. They are not for only dance, they are for madness!

Short and sweet, but then brevity is sometimes the better way to communicate. He is passionate about his work and he feels it to be very important in inject emotion into the tracks that he produces which in turn, then injects emotion into the listener.

The release is truly and interesting group of compositions. ‘Sahara‘ begins quite harmoniously with some hypnotic vocal chants over a stunning bassline and drum track before growing into an industrious beast of a tune of piercing stabs and angry frenticism. ‘Utopia‘ isn’t so gracious as the former. It begins transmitting a vibe of fear and dread. As this Electro track builds up we enter the world of dark Electro which is full of haunting tones, gravelly mids and sinister highs. ‘Rust‘ comes across as being much lighter as it starts and then we head into a dirty dutch kind of scene, Diplo’s land as it were, but with a touch more pace, some high-end tweaks and low-end warbles. Still with a good beat and very clean in production too. As for the last track ‘Stamina‘, that is something else entirely. A lovely orchestral intro which soon morphs into an easy style complextro release with plenty of naughty, grimy funk, and violins.

All in all, this is quite an interesting piece which will have a ton of support over on the European continent where these kind of tunes are widely appreciated. The EP is clever, well produced, and you can hear the passion within it. Typically, very Boxon.

Sahara EP by Smitech Wesson will be released by Boxon Records on December 2nd 1013.


Electro Tunes With Touches Of Madness From Smitech Wesson

Smitech Wesson


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Electro Tunes With Touches Of Madness From Smitech Wesson


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Electro Tunes With Touches Of Madness From Smitech Wesson
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