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CutWires Release ‘Elvis’ Exclusive And For Free

Elvis by CutWires – EXCLUSIVE

Following last months interview with CutWires it was mentioned that they would have a track coming out which is to be titled Elvis. Now that tune here as an EXCLUSIVE on Funkatech.com and it is a tune a touch away from any house music norm.

Basically, Elvis lives. In a shed. According to the humourous lyrics within the bass-deep house track, so does Bigfoot, Jim Morrison and a former Royal.

The tune is a moody bouncer. It doesn’t take you high into the skies but it moves you with swagger, attitude and even has a bit of an ego about it. Very difficult not to like.

This is a free download which is available via the CutWires Facebook page. The funny viral video will hopefully create some further awareness for this pair of artists who are destined to do big things in the coming future with the label Artillery Recordings

If they have had two of their tracks featured as theme tracks for the Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend, I look forward to seeing what CutWires can achieve next.

Elvis by CutWires is a free download via the CutWires Facebook page

CutWires on

Twitter: @Cutwires

CutWires on

Facebook: facebook.com/cutwires

CutWires Release Elvis Exclusive And For Free


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CutWires Release Elvis Exclusive And For Free
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