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Epic EP Part 2 by Cyberpunkers

Epic EP Part 2 by Cyberpunkers

Parental Advisory

Not something I usually start my posts with but for once, an exception is being made because I simply love the work by the @Cyberpunkers. Following their ‘Epic EP’also released by @freakzmeout Records – we now have ‘Part 2’ which is a remixes collection with some of the most fierce, the most aggressive and with some of the finest European producers in the Electro scene.

Your Mother nor your neighbours will like this, so turn it up. It has to be loud.

Now that @Far_Too_Loud has progressed away from his robotic Breakbeat beginnings and still moves forward towards a more Tech-Electro sound his work on ‘Dungeon’ combines elements of both. Having the aggressive industrious foundation that the Cyberpunkers have put down, Far Too Loud layers it up with some further progressive grooves and decepticon style effects and of course some glorious techy stabs and pounding, bass-drum kicks. It’s a party starter, builder and ender.

The ‘Epic’ remix by @TheSmaximal has such a warm intro which grows more fiercely as the tune builds up which then drops into a an abyss of course and abrasive hammering bass tones one side and provoking high punches. Very akin to the big-room style of Electro which fills arenas rather than small clubs. This needs room and space to bounce of the walls and ceiling so the acoustics can spread. Textured beatings and harmonious keys with some rocky guitar riffs make this a smartly balanced piece of chaotic material – the original version is in the video below.

‘Are You Ready’ has had two versions – technically four of course – and the first is the deep, dark and dirty duo from Milan, Belzebass. These guys are under the same umbrella as Cyberpunkers. Italian Electro Rockers who bring the noise with weight, audacity and euphoria deliver an industrial strength bombardment of vibrations. Clanging bass, wobbling effects and screams. My favourite.

The second remix has more of a rolling trance style beginning rather than booming yet it still has the echoes and the resonating chords that can fill stadiums and make your heart rate alter to the beat of the bass. The French producers have created another dancefloor destroyer but one that wavers to a style with more pretty mids than flesh-cutting bass.

Now the ‘Dungeon’ remix of @IllSaintM makes the FTL take appear hard as nails on the long and drawn out start but it grows with a choppier disco vibe. Rather than the tech route this French musician has ventured down the road to create a larger atmosphere for this record instead of a selfish stomper.

Free: Download

Continuing the pattern of booms, bangs and warbling effects that shiver your bones DJ Antention delivers a free download of the ‘Are You Ready’ remix which is full to the brim of wubs, wahs and wobbles plus plenty of penetrating pitches that can damage your equilibrium.

A manic, party piece with different levels of deep level, bass bashing, screeching tones and rebellious angry grooves.

‘Epic EP Part 2’ by Cyberpunkers is out now released by Freakz Me Out Records


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Epic EP Part 2 by Cyberpunkers


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Epic EP Part 2 by Cyberpunkers
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