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Firestorm EP by Far Too Loud

Firestorm EP by Far Too Loud

It has been several months since the last release from Far Too Loud on the Funkatech Records imprint but it is always well worth the wait. The ‘Ready For Stomping’ release dominated the charts in the various genres it was holed into but will this release do the same as EDM nowadays is moving quite fast and furiously? @Far_Too_Loud only moves fast and furiously so I believe that we are all in for a bit of a treat, so prepare for your goosebumps to rise.

Of course we begin with the title track ‘Firestorm’ which is full of the signature bounce that is normally brought to us by Far Too Loud but with a few differences. There is far more chops and glitches within this tune and it is incredibly complex Electro. Full of tweaks and bleeps surrounded by a delightful melody on the ivories and plenty of destructive robotic noises along with the powerful bassline full of growls, roars and totally on fire. This is very much akin to his label brother Specimen A who tends to be bass heavy with great harmonies throughout and very intricate in his production. An absolute wizard he is. This is quite similar but still with the classic ballistic sound that Far Too Loud brings to the table.

‘Lightbringer’ begins with a DnB pace and a haunting yet warm vibe that soon gets knocked out of the way on the drop where we find ourselves almost assaulted by the barrage of ensuing bass. This is the kind of futuristic DnB that we’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of from the likes of Viper and Audioporn. As we are besieged by the level of filthy mids and gritty tones at a pace that can tire you out just with this track alone. This is heavy, dubby and relentless to the end. This is a monstrous record and built for big stages and loud speakers so clubland, beware.

If those two dancefloor destroyers are not enough the third track in this triple A package and ‘600 Years’ is just a phenomenal, and my pick of this fruity bunch. Catching onto the 110 vibe we have a glitch hop style record with an offensive amount of bass and sweet twinkling electro effects hovering over the abrasive mid section that occasionally comes through driving the tune along, it is just an astonishing tune and it makes the Americans stand up and take notice because not all bass driven EDM tunes are made by guys with fat rimmed glasses who have half their hair shaved off.

We are listening to the work of a producer who can change styles and pace. Great diversity as a producer. Is this the best of Far Too Loud yet? The complex rhythms and beating of basslines within the tunes are meticulous and accurate, so this doesn’t appear to be something that has been thrown together over the course of a few days. If it has, then genius, but even if it has taken several months to prepare and execute, still genius.

Firestorm EP by Far Too Loud is released on July 16th 2012 by Funkatech Records exclusively on Beatport


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Check out the EXCLUSIVE mix up for a free download. Full tracklist is below.

1. Skeptiks – Nothing else
2. Gtronic – Sergeant Bass (vocal mix)
3. The S – White Out
4. Lucky Date – I Want You (Vengeance remix)
5. Fast Foot, Electric Soulside, MikeWave – Terminate
6. Scooter & Lavelle, Sue Cho – Beats Inside My Head (Minero remix)
7. Infected Mushroom – Never Mind
8. L’Amere Conspiration – Fallen (The Clamps remix)
9. Elite Force – Society Suicides (Far Too Loud remix)
10. Save The Rave, Michael White – Guiris
11. Feed Me – One click Headshot
12. Millions Like Us – L.E.D.
13. Far Too Loud – 600 Years
14. DJ Fresh – The Power (Datsik remix)
15. Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy remix)
16. JumoDaddy – Cobra Dance
17. Datsik, Bare – King Kong (Lucky Date remix)
18. Alvin Risk – Psychotic
19. Digital Freq – Rocket
20. Far Too Loud – Firestorm
21. Kroyclub – New World Order (Space Laces remix)
22. Far Too Loud – Lightbringer
23. Knife Party – Bonfire
24. Delta Heavy – Make It Rain
25. Metrik – Engine Room
26. MRK1 – INNA ft. Trigga (Eddie K DnB remix)

Firestorm EP by Far Too Loud


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Firestorm EP by Far Too Loud
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