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Noizt by Emperia

Emperia is a famous French collective promoting parties in Southern France. It’s also the name chosen by two members of the team for their new music project launched in 2012.

After a first single “Deep Phase / Javelot” released on January 2013 on Paranoiak, the boys come back with this delightful new banger titled “Noizt”. This is in fact out August 5th from Paranoik, but also available for free download right now from their Facebook page.

Discover a massive track with a strong melody that you just can’t get out of your head. Not only a dancefloor killer, this track will make you a real life Superhero! Providing you all the power you need to become the king of the streets!

It is an atmospheric techno track with a slight twinkling sense of euphoria, a wonderful big beat sound that will bounce you off of every wall in the room and humbling.

Noizt by Emperia is a free download for now but then it is released by Paranoik on August 5th, 2013

Noizt by Emperia


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Noizt by Emperia
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