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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Specimen A – ‘Live In The Mix 2013’

Specimen A have rocketed up over the last couple of years due to their love of creating complex bass driven music that is not considered to be the norm. After various periods of Beatport chart domination either in Breaks, DnB and Dubstep we have a mix here that displays their fondness for anything with a deep heavy bounce. A marathon set lasting up to an hour and half, we have Specimen ALive In The Mix 2013‘.

So management asked me to put together a mix of the type of set I’d play at my shows, so that is exactly what I did. This mix just compiles a bunch of my favorite mixes all rolled into one. It’s partly the reason why it is a 1hr 30 mix too as I couldn’t fit them all into an hour. The mix also has a few dubs on there. I’m not sure if they will all even be released or not. Everyone can expect to get the remix we did with ‘Tha NightCrawlaz‘ of Freestylers and Stereo:Types ‘The Coming Storm‘ very soon for free download. There are a lot of tracks that didn’t make it into the mix partly because they are not finished but also partly because I don’t DJ just to play my own stuff. This mix represents our style of DJing right now which is an “anything goes” approach. We generally like to go anywhere and everywhere if the crowd are open minded. I hope everyone enjoys and thanks for listening. – Phil Jones of Specimen A

The tracklist – below – features some of their own material of course as well as some of the more recent popular displays of power including the awesome ShockOne, Dodge & Fuski, Far Too Loud, Tantrum Desire, as well as the classics such as Skrillex, knife Party, Sub Focus and SKisM.

The entire mix is up for free which is available from the Specimen A Facebook page which you can get to right here. It’s a monstrous mix and well worth a ‘Like’.

Specimen A – ‘Live In The Mix 2013’ is a FREE DOWNLOAD


1. Tomahawk – Specimen A
2. Rock Star – Specimen A
3. Lazer Beam – ShockOne ft Kyza & Metrik (SKisM Remix)
4. Apex – Foreign Beggars
5. Trail Mixing – Far Too Loud
6. Big Bounce – ShockOne
7. Got To Come Together – Dodge & Fuski (501 Remix)
8. Laser Cat Rocket Attack – Doctor Werewolf
9. Laser Cat Rocket Attack – Doctor Werewolf (Specimen A Remix)
10. Down For Whatever – Afro Whitey & Sporty-O (Specimen A Remix)
11. Experts – SKisM
12. I Am Unicorn – Tantrum Desire
13. Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff – deadmau5 (Nero Remix)
14. All Or Nothing – Specimen A
15. Swerve – Excision & Downlink (Specimen A Remix)
16. Faster Than Light – Far Too Loud
17. Let The Story Begin – Sub Focus
18. MONSTA – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
19. Tarantula – Pendulum
20. Centipede – Knife Party
21. Dead Weight – Zomboy
22. Quarks – Dirtyphonics
23. Infatuation ft. Miss Trouble – Elisa Do Brasil
24. Put Your Hands Up – Tantrum Desire
25. Hi Speed – Specimen A, DJ Phatt & Sporty O
26. 600 Years – Far Too Loud (SKisM Remix)
27. Get With It – Tantrum Desire
28. Killer ft. Dee Freer – SKisM (Tantrum Desire Remix)
29. Lightbringer – Far Too Loud
30. Play Tonight – Tantrum Desire
31. All That Matters – Fourward
32. Drop The Bomb – Far Too Loud
33. Forgot About Breaks – Specimen A
34. Red Heat – SKisM
35. Bangarang – Skrillex
36. This Is The Law – Troublegum (Specimen A Remix)
37. Rock It – Sub Focus
38. Robot Rock – Daft Punk
39. The Nine – Bad Company
40. The Coming Storm – Freestylers & Stereo:Type (Specimen A & The Nightcrawlaz Remix) [Dub]
41. Elixir VIP – SKisM
42. Take Me To The Hospital – The Prodigy (Sub Focus Remix)
43. Time Warp – Sub Focus
44. Till The Sun Comes Up – Disaszt
45. HBFS – Daft Punk (Specimen A & James D’ley Refix)
46. Unforgettable ft. Nickita – Specimen A
47. Like This ft. Virus Syndicate – SKisM
48. Reach (Dubstep Tease) – Tantrum Desire
49. Slingshot – Specimen A
50. Closer ft. Miss Trouble – Specimen A
51. Double Helix – Specimen A [Dub]
52. Ice Block – James Marvel & Shimon
53. Turn It Up – Dodge & Fuski (Xilent Remix)
54. Suffocate – Zero Hero
55. Till The Sun Comes Up – Disaszt
56. Flashlight ft. Miss Trouble – Specimen A [Dub]
57. Follow The Light – Sub Focus

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Specimen A   Live In The Mix 2013


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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Specimen A   Live In The Mix 2013
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