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Generation Doom EP by Subsource from Doombox Recordings

Subsource The Band

After the long adolescent years of Metallica, Faith No More, Marilyn Manson and Korn to name F.A. in comparison to what I listened to, the dynamic, tonne-wattage electronic band Subsource have the type of music that has grown with me as I have watched them grow themselves. Music lasts forever and bands rarely do. This is one of those acts that will stay with me for time.

The ‘Generation Doom EP’ may sound quite morbid and perhaps aggressive, these guys are not. A crazy gang who make X-Factor a joke and are doing it “The Bruce Dickinson Way” (< – Click).

‘Subsource’ work hard, play hard and they give it their all. They get good praise and rightly so. Their music is influenced by confidence: Big, ballsy sounds. Heaviness, distortion, raucousness. But they have still got groove. Their recent release shows all of these characteristics, with severe bass. A punk-dubstep band that will blow you apart.

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Using their first track from the EP ‘Molotov’ as a template for the rest, I can safely say with ease that this release is shockingly powerful. This is one of those compositions that will blow your speakers. No, seriously, it can do damage. The intensity begins from the first few bars. The drumming is ferocious and bare in mind that this is also mimicked during live sets as well. The bass – or rather ‘double bass’ – is full and supportive but the driving mids add a caustic nature. It’s dangerous, undaunted, almost valiant in fact, but not at all arrogant.

As for the other tracks, ‘The Feeding’ is more of a vocal, dubstep number tinged with rock creating a mosh-pit within the listening crowds. Insane stuff along with an anthemic vibe weaved within the cracking vocals. The vibrating bass tones will rattle your rib cage. Your head will not only nod appreciatively in time but you will probably sustain whiplash injuries as you just can’t prevent yourself from putting on the war-face and getting a little nasty. It is quite an emotional tune. ‘Lay You Out’ has got some fantastic depth. With the industrious stabs and a hammering beat that would make many a dubstep or electro producer go “Cor blimey!”, this is a vibrant crowd-pleaser as long as you’re not faint of heart. Modern day punk on caffeine drinks mixed with German digestifs. On the fourth track of the booming EP is ‘It’s All I Lie’ which has the biggest guitar riffs that are noticeable so far. Distorted (and probably tuned down 1/2 a step by the sounds of it), they’re heavy, meaty and with the added bonus of aggressive bass it is a sure winner for the metal heads as well. This is electronic rock at it’s best. ‘Anarchy’ is a very moody number. A tantrum inducing barrage of stomping drums and bass with choppy riffs, superb electro effects that will cause your ears to bleed and your head to pound. The final track ‘Kill The Thief’ begins rather somberly with a prominent kick and snare rolling the tune out and then the assaulting bombardment ensues. Sharp, rough and cutting throughout.

If you like your dance music but have been influenced by rock or punk in the past then you can appreciate the angle that these guys take. The ‘Generation Doom EP’ can be described as “the hypothetical ensemble of Rage Against The Machine versus Avenged Sevenfold whilst being heavily produced by Marty Party on a Red Bull comedown”. They are fresh, they are nasty and they are awesome. They are ‘Subsource’.

The ‘Generation Doom EP’ by Subsource is out now released by Doombox Recordings.


On Subsource.co.uk: http://bit.ly/Gen-DoomSW
On iTunes EU: http://bit.ly/GenDoomEP
On iTunes US & CA: http://bit.ly/Gen-DoomUS
On Amazon: http://bit.ly/Gen-DoomAZ


Generation Doom EP by Subsource from Doombox Recordings


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Generation Doom EP by Subsource from Doombox Recordings
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