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Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones – The On Cloud 9 Collection

Headphones are not just a simple way of listening to music without others hearing it, they are the best way to listen to music due to the subtle tones that you are likely to miss when playing through loud speakers. When using the latest Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones, fortunately, you manage to pick up everything.

I received a pair of the Over-Ears – In-Ears and On-Ears are available also – just over a month ago and I was immediately taken aback by the awesome pads. Fat and chunky is what I appreciate because I like the headphones to be comfortable and these certainly were. The units are quite sturdy and not fragile nor feeble as you tend to get with a few nowadays as many manufacturers try to reduce costs. The folding of the headphones is neat which means that when you pack them away into your tidy little case which comes with them they can stay clean and not have the cables falling about everywhere.

My main gripe about the headphones is the actual size of them. Wondering whether Gojithe makers – seem to think that every person is about the same size as Tinchy Stryder makes me wonder. The units are seriously snug over my head and I feel that they can get a little bit much after sometime wearing them – and I have worn them for hours now. Having a head probably about the same size as Tinchy maybe beneficial but the average person may find these quite simple a little too small.

But it is mainly about sound quality and with a market demographic for Stryder fans is probably under the 21 year old bracket I feel that these are certainly going to be well received. The bass is punchy and clean but they are not strong bassline receiving headphones. They can carry some weight but they can not take a pounding. The mids sound clean and tight whilst the high end tones are sent out wondrously crisp.

Considering I have possessed about a dozen set of headphones I can genuinely say that these are one of the better ones especially when taking on board the price. Having a firm, comfortable and good sound quality headphones for this much really falls under the bargain category and are very much worth a look. Phones, computers, laptops, of course they’ll work with them all.

But if you are over six feet tall, I’d try before you buy. You may then wonder why they are not called Skullcrushers but that name has already been taken.

‘Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones – The On Cloud 9 Collection’ are exclusively available from Currys & PC World.

BUY: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/tinchy-stryder-headphones-237-commercial.html

Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones   The On Cloud 9 Collection


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Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones   The On Cloud 9 Collection
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