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Groove Me! by Shockillaz Original Mix from Expand Records

In my mind, I believe that I have come across another little gem. This one is titled ‘Groove Me!’ and is created by Shockillaz. This is the ‘Original Mix’ soon to be unleashed by Under This, the fantastic Breaks producer and label owner of Expand Records based in Latvia.

The track is taken from the ‘Keep On Rockin’/Groove Me! EP’ which features remixes from Seth Vogt and Quadrat Beat.

The thing is, unfortunately today, nothing is moving me much at all. However, the original version to ‘Groove Me!’ is most certainly managing to do just that. The groove and vibe is very similar to that of Refracture. There are elements of trance which melodiously tinker over the coarse and rugged bassy mids. The aggression that emits from the track drives the tune along firmly rooting itself along with the classic broken beating drum track. It has a touch of progression so the track grows from sweet to the savoury.

This is one of those releases which can mingle into the sets of Beatman & Ludmilla, and even Oakenfold if he’s feeling a little frisky on the day he hears it.

A big, gritty and progressive Breaks track which is sure to do well because it’s simple, bright and as you would expect before hearing it, it has groove.

The track ‘Groove Me!’ is taken from the ‘Keep On Rockin’/Groove Me!’ EP by Shockillaz and will be released by Expand Records on January 28th 2013
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Groove Me! by Shockillaz Original Mix from Expand Records


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Groove Me! by Shockillaz Original Mix from Expand Records
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