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Grow EP by InsideInfo [DnB]

Grow EP by InsideInfo [DnB]

Having built up a reputation due to his distinctive beats and delivering some hardcore funk on the dancefloors across the UK and beyond, and having released material through many a highly respected label known in these particular circles, Paul Bondy has now settled into his new home of Viper Recordings and we are fortunate to be on the receiving end of one superb 7 track EP release titled ‘Grow EP’.

@PaulInsideInfo is a man who can cut ribbons into your soul merely through the technological power of his creative vibrations.

Rather than displaying every track and making this a quite exhaustive post, let me tell you that this 7 track monster of a release is something else.

The first track ‘I Am Something Else’ featuring @NeonlightMusic seriously does step things up a little higher than the norm. Whilst the track begins with polite, Electro sprites and distorted vocal samples the filthy bass rumbles seriously come into their own as the progressive build ends and the drop comes down with a crash causing all manner of chaos to expel.

The ‘Honey Bee’ Audio Remix has more aggression and is full of drum-kit frenticism. Like the cars in the Fast & Furious films on nitromethane but ‘Bottled’ featuring @djswat comes at us in punches. Choppy waves and a glitchy groove stutters us along in a skanking frenzy.

The tune ‘Hear Me Roar’ which is a collaboration alongside Smooth is something different from the previous once again showing InsideInfo’s diversity as a producer. This track grows with thundering bass tones and fierce, Electro mids hammering away at your cranium. A hardcore funk with some sweet dreamscaping echoes supporting the coarse depth.

‘Real World’ featuring @iamgirlx is displays to us InsideInfo’s sheer production geekery. The bass patches are ridiculous and would put some American Dubstep producers growls back into their cage whimpering. A gravelly beat, abrasive groove and the war-mask is subconsciously adorned.

‘Didgeridoo’ is perhaps the track for me. A subtle Trance beginning with spine-chilling didgy tones warbling within and weaving out of the manic drum beat is more than spiritually mind-blowing. It can be taken as a dancefloor destroyer or you can take it as a psychedelic trip into your DnB mind. It’s created at the right level to cater for many but still appreciated by most whilst the final track on this collection, the self-titled number ‘Grow’ is just a belter of a record and there is no more to be said other than the fact that it is a monstrous piece of material.

If InsideInfo is truly exclusively signed to Viper Recordings then this is going to soon be the best DnB label there is as once again, they have delivered excellence.

‘Grow EP’ by InsideInfo is released by Viper Recordings and is out on Beatport from May 28th 2012

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Grow EP by InsideInfo [DnB]


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Grow EP by InsideInfo [DnB]
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