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Guardian Music Hails Where’s Huey? As One-To-Watch In 2014

Where's Huey? Interview

Search Party by Where’s Huey?

After featuring in The Guardian‘s music section ‘Breaking Bands‘, they have been hotly tipped to make a few waves in 2014. “A cutting edge multi-genre musical journey, searching for the illusive”, ‘Where’s Huey?’ is an act that will soon be on everyone’s lips.

With the impending release of the debut album I have a chat Bobby Whiskersthe self-proclaimed ‘Rap-Sing-Man’ of Where’s Huey? – and I ask him about the forthcoming LP, The Guardian and the most obvious question of all:

Who is ‘Where’s Huey?’ and why that name?

We are rap-sing man Bobby Whiskers and Phil Jones a.k.a. dance producer Specimen A. We were brought together by a shared thirst to locate an allegorical creature that harbours five legs, or four and a lil’ bit, depending on interpretation. Years of research have shown this camp creature to be partial to a distinctly different flavour of British song. Therefore, we thought we would take heed from the gospel of Bowie, Mercury and John, to pen harmonious wonders, in effort to entice ye’ beast from its unbeknownst lair.

’Where’s Huey?’ has been around for a couple of years but where have you been?

Searching for Huey is never easy. The process of looking for a mythical animal that resembles a rams silhouette can often have it’s ups and downs. But, we’ve been handed some new information and are happy to say we’re back on the scent.

The debut album release ‘Search Party’ comprises of 12 tracks, who else has been a part of the creation process?

You can’t hunt alone and we are fortunate enough to have rallied a troop of extremely talented and wonderful people to aid in our quest. Mo Jones, Phil’s ‘Super Mario’ Brother, also part of Specimen A, has contributed some quality production. We have been blessed to have worked with one of the best voices in the UK, the diva that is: Andrea Britton. Faithless guitarist Dave Randall has always been such a great friend to Where’s Huey? offering his support and incredible guitar skills. Dancefloor dons Pyramid collaborate on the bass heavy track ‘Move’ – Paul Jones, the man behind the logo has been an incredible asset in artistic direction, so has Samuel Pine with his illustrations and Henna Malik with her stunning photography. Asad and Guy at Funkatech Records are responsible for bringing us together and have overseen the whole project from birth to fruition. We are indebted to everyone of the Search Party. The album would not be possible without every single one of them.

How long has the album taken to become reality?

The album is a mix of Hip-Hop, Techno-Pop, Rock riffs and even moments of ‘Madness’. How would you pigeon-hole this album and what influences have you had in the past that comes through in your sound?

It took around three years to make. We made maybe forty/fifty tracks in total. What you get is the condensed flavour. Pigeon-holes and boxes only serve market men. We just like sounds. This may be both our greatest asset and biggest curse. According to one friend we are dangerously eclectic. I suppose, if we are to play the game, dangerously eclectic electro-pop will do as a four worded summary. But, as you state, it’s much more than that. We wanted to create a fusion of dance, rock and hip-hop. A piece of art that crossed as many boundaries and genres as possible. One that was accessible to everyone and upbeat in nature. There are so many influences on the album, from Dizzee Rascal to The Big Bopper, 50s’ Rock to 80’s Ska, Pendulum to Daft Punk, Mika to Muse. Overall we looked to the great British songwriters like Bowie, Mercury and John. We just wanted to make great songs.

Check out this really fun and bouncy mixtape featuring songs from the forthcoming album cleverly shrouded with some seriously classic tunes. It’s genuinely very cool and very carefully crafted.
This is a free download available from – HERE.

When it comes to material that is quite heavy on lyrics there tends to be a message in the song. Have we a lot to say musically, politically or is it just a load of fun?

I think WH? is a good combination. A hybrid. Just like our music. None of the songs are empty vessels, they sail audio waves to get messages across. Often allegorical in nature, the key was to not be preachy. I suppose we set out to write fun, cheeky and upbeat pop songs. Bitter bills are much more easily swallowed with a sugar coating.

Do you have any favourites from the release? Or more so, do you have any that have a personal meaning to yourself?

There’s definitely a lot of personal meaning behind the album. A lot of the tracks were inspired by a very special person close to Bobby’s heart, tracks like ‘I Like‘ and ‘Crazy‘ make up part of that story, ‘Forever‘ is one that sticks out as being particularly emotive. ‘In Love‘ is probably one of our favorites, just for the cheeky combination of modern Electro and 1950’s crooning. Come on down was the first track that we made together. This modern take on Madness was born out of the first ever studio session we ever did. A track that again frames a moment in Bobby’s life.

You’ve just been featured as part of The Guardians ‘Breaking Bands‘ series, how did this come about?

We have always been avid followers of The Guardian music site, especially with respect to their focus on pushing new and quality music. We saw that they were advertising for new bands to apply for an up-and-coming feature. That was about five months ago, we had totally forgot about it, so it was a surprise to get the email that we would be featured. A very pleasant surprise.

Shouts to the wonderful Mark Burrows and Guardian Music for the support and feature x.

Do we have any gigs planned so that we can hear and see you live?

 What’s next for ‘Where’s Huey?’

We have a few things to tie up in the studio, but once done, we will be back in your manner searching for Huey. We will also be dropping some offcuts that never made the album, so keep a peek out for them. Until then, if any one has any information leading to the whereabouts of Huey, please get in touch and join our SEARCH PARTY!

The debut album from Where’s Huey? is titled ‘Search Party‘ and with the freshness that it brings with it’s combined fusion of many-a-genre means that it’ll be appreciated by many. It has appreciation from The Guardian so that is a fine start..” – thetruejoe90

Keep updated either by Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop about the news of it’s release.

Search Party by Where’s Huey? will be released soon

Where’s Huey?


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Guardian Music Hails Wheres Huey? As One To Watch In 2014


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Guardian Music Hails Wheres Huey? As One To Watch In 2014
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