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Daleri Spoofing Various Music Video Cliches With ‘Hysteria’

Hysteria by Daleri

Edit: This post has been updated to include the new music video uploaded onto UKF.

Daleri represents a new generation of young Swedish House music producers. Eric Kvarnström and Robert Kanat (both aged 23) spent several years exploring different genres and learning how to perfect their productions before teaming up under the name Daleri in the end of 2011 and now they are managing to cause quite a bit of a stir.

There’s some serious heat surrounding Swedish duo Daleri right now…

Earlier this summer they made a crucial critique of EDM’s repetitiveness by way of a minute-long ‘mash-leg’ mix; 16 tracks from the Beatport 100, each one sporting identikit drops, their sonic satire received praise and props across the board. Notably from the likes of Tiesto, Ingrosso and deadmau5!

With the eyes and ears of the game’s biggest players tuned in, Daleri have backed up their bold observations the best way possible: ‘Hysteria’, a truly unique slice of electro that grinds and flexes with raw funk and slamming, peaktime dynamics.

A vibrant one-fingered salute to formula and format, it spits and sizzles with a distinctive riff that refuses to quit. Developing throughout with clever mutations and motifs on the main hook, there genuinely is nothing else like this around at the moment.

Delivered on Daleri’s brand new label Dalerious, ‘Hysteria’ marks the start of a whole new chapter for the Swedish act. Affirming their role as genuine scene statesmen, expect heaps more progressive contributions in the near future. Like ‘Hysteria’, each one guarantees to shed a whole new perspective on electronic music and its endless creative possibilities.

You’ve joined them at the start of this exciting new journey… Stick around. You won’t regret it.

Their first release as part of their own new label has a very, big-beat bassline with elements of european electro, I feel. But this is weightier, grittier and naughtier. It’s already got support from Far Too Loud, Jack Beats, Flatland Funk, Hot Shit, Kid Massive, 12th Planet and Designer Drugs to name but a few.

Swedish house has just become more fun.

Hysteria by Daleri is released by Dalerious and is out now

Daleri on

Twitter: @dalerimusic
Facebook: facebook.com/dalerimusic

Daleri Spoofing Various Music Video Cliches With Hysteria


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Daleri Spoofing Various Music Video Cliches With Hysteria
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