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I Was There by Meat Katie [Breaks]

I Was There by Meat Katie [Breaks]

When one of your favourite DJs or producers has a new track out, you tend to get a little childishly excited. I do anyway so when discovering this latest release from @MeatKatie, I sincerely hoped it was going to be what has come to be expected. ‘I Was There’ is the new single and yes, it is indeed very much what we have come to expect from the Lot49 Records master of techy Breakbeats.

Our man Meat Katie tends to produce records that have a bit of substance, breaks for the smarter man. The tunes that he delivers are occasionally progressive with waves of trance and perhaps a form of psybreaks but without the sometimes overexhaustive use of the many tweaks and bleeps. Rolling, tech-funk breaks that carry you onto the dancefloor and carry you whilst you are on it. This does exactly that. Having the vibrations with a delightful vibe that wraps you up in a warmth of confidence, that has a touch of dark moodiness with deep, wavering grooves and vocal samples from classic House, the end product is very much an anthemic number and a big room tune. Clubland heaven whatever your genre preference.

A big, bug tune and totally on it’s own in the package but it would be interesting to hear any remixes which will no doubt be on a forthcoming release.

‘I Was There’ by Meat Katie is out now exclusively on Beatport released by Lot49 Records.

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I Was There by Meat Katie [Breaks]


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I Was There by Meat Katie [Breaks]
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