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Inferno EP by Refracture [Breaks]

Inferno EP by Refracture [Breaks]

Regular readers and subscribers will know that I am a bit of a Refracture fan and listening to his latest release you will perhaps understand why.

The ‘Inferno EP’ is brought to us from Dusted Breaks and to say that it is hot stuff is probably quite a predictable pun, but the thing is though, it is.

Beginning with that rugged drum beat which is synonymous with the Refracture sound, the tune ‘Inferno’ blows up into form with some guitar licks supported by a booming bassline and a groove which is fun, vibrant and full of positivity which is then brought back down to Earth with a slapping and stuttering bass tone giving us a dubby break. The groove returns along with plenty of little tweaks and glitches subtly keeping the track full and with muscle. It has a sweet breakdown and the climb back up is just as glorious as the one before. Stomping and bouncy breaks.

Speaking of bouncy though, it seems that our man decided to do two versions of this track ‘American Dream’. With this we have a grittier more abrasive bass tone driving the track forward with some simple riffs gliding us along with the lyrical samples included. The vocal adds some aggression and flavour to this techy bombardment. It is heavy, and it goes boom, but the “Bounce Edit” has a slightly sleazier groove and comes across as being a tad industrious. It is a touch slower and has of course, a little more bounce thanks to the added reverb on the bass.

With his fan base continuing to grow and more quality releases now out as well as superb gigs being booked up, is @Refracture destined to become one of the greats? We can hope.

‘Inferno EP’ by Refracture is released by Dusted Breaks and is out now

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Inferno EP by Refracture [Breaks]


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Inferno EP by Refracture [Breaks]
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