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To Infinity And Beyond – Interview w/ Astronaut

Apollo EP by Astronaut - http://funkatech.com

Introducing the Apollo EP. After working on a string of space-injected remixes for Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski and TC, the duo now bring to light their debut EP rippling with cosmic power from the depths of the galaxy. Bending space and time at will, we see an array of influences from electro to disco, house to funk, all on a collision course headed for earth.

There is a certain mystery that surrounds this act and I’m not going to give it away by telling you who I have been talking to specifically. Instead, I’ll just say that I had a chat with Astronaut and here we talk about the debut release, music videos and pinball machines:

So finally it’s here then eh!? The debut release! hahaha! Excitement and daunt combined together? It’s been three years in the making is that really true?

It’s taken a long time to get things to a level that we were happy with, but it has definitely been worth the wait! We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve been making!

As soon as I heard it – in fact, as I do this interview I’m listening now, as you well know, hahaha – I felt that this is destined for mainstream radio airplay. Do you feel that the potential is there, especially with ‘Apollo’?

We’re suckers for a good hook, that’s for sure! There’s definitely potential I think, but to be honest, that doesn’t really bother us. We’ll continue to make the music that we love and if something gets picked up by radio then its just a bonus!

What’s the feedback been like so far? I’d’ve thought quite strong and 4 stars or more, to be honest.

The feedback has really blown us away! People like TC and Dodge & Fuski have been really supportive of what we’re doing too. The DJ response has been really great, but we’re most excited to see everyone’s reaction to the first installment of the video series.

What can you tell me about the video then which will be EXCLUSIVELY aired on ‘UKF‘ on July 22nd?

We’ve written a feature length animation movie that we will cut up into 3 minute clips to use as music videos. Each music video leads on from the previous and tells the tale of main character, ‘Apollo’, and his journey through space.

We have a great team of people around us to help make all of this a reality including animators, vocalists and an awesome artist to draw up the characters by hand. The first episode will be on the UKF Music YouTube channel, July 22nd, so don’t miss it!

You have ‘Eyes’ also on the release which is a collaboration on the track ‘Pinball’, who is/are ‘Eyes’ and how come he’s/she’s/they’ve got involved?

Eyes’ is one our good friends, Sam! He does a lot of songwriting for other artists and the occasional remix too. He just decided to come down to the studio one day and we ended up writing ‘Pinball’. It was such a fun studio session – big ups Sam!! Haha.

Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski and TC have all had the remix treatment from yourselves and you’ve been privy to have had Dodge & Fuski return the favour on the track ‘Apollo’ as well. I know it’s soon but is a remix EP likely to be on the cards?

It’s too early to say for definite, but we really like the idea of running a remix competition. When we we’re coming through we we’re lucky enough to have had the support and chances to remix for some big producers and we’d love to give that opportunity back to some up-coming guys.

How are we pushing this release to get it out there further to the masses: Any live shows, radio performances that we can look forward to? Rough Tempo Radio for example?

We have SO much going on! If you head to our Facebook page you can find links to YouTube uploads, competitions, mixes and we’re even giving away an Astronaut branded mini pinball machine on release day – so don’t miss that!

What’s next in the World of Astronaut?

We’re already back in the studio working on the next release and the next part to our video series. You can expect more collaboration’s, more videos and maybe a couple of remixes! Make sure you get involved by visiting our Facebook page!

You can’t help but to feel the excitement coming out through the words in this article, and there’s a good reason why. With support from the heavyweights such as Eddie K, Skism, Far Too Loud, Drumsound & Bassline Smith – (check back soon for their album review!) – and Cutline, this release is going to do well but the main reason is quite simple; it is awesome.

This 6 track EP has commercial chart success written all over it. Clubland will be finding this a meaty delight on some tracks whilst the radio listeners will be introduced to some dance music treasure.

To accompany the release Astronaut have put together a mix which also available as a free download. Check out the mix in the player below.

Apollo EP by Astronaut is released by Disciple Recordings on July 22nd, 2013

To Infinity And Beyond   Interview w/ Astronaut

Mix Tracklist:

Astronaut – Apollo
Far Too Loud – Faster Than Light
Astronaut & Eyes – Pinball
Dodge & Fuski – Call My Name (Astronaut Remix)
Astronaut – Supernova
Dodge & Fuski Vs Astronaut – ???
Millions Like Us – Heads Up (Ft. Redskin)
Astronaut – Silver Surfer
Zomboy – Here To Stay (Astronaut Remix)
Far Too Loud – Light Sticks
Disaszt – Til The Sun Comes Up
TC – Do You Rock – (Astronaut Remix)
The Brig – All Aboard

To Infinity And Beyond   Interview w/ Astronaut


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To Infinity And Beyond   Interview w/ Astronaut
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