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Breakbeat’s Original Gangsters – Interview with Evil Nine

Haxxan and Diamonds by Evil Nine - http://funkatech.com

Evil Nine are Brighton based Pat Pardy & Tom Beaufoy, a duo who have been in the game of Breakbeats for some time fusing their additional love for Hip-Hop and Techno to create sounds that are sweet, dark and famously haunting.

Despite having the privilege of interviewing a few folks over the last year and more, this was a little bit different. I’ve been in awe of their material since being introduced to the broken beat many years ago. I love the sound of a good guitar riff just as much as I love a good synth melody, but Evil Nine have the ability to fuse both together in a way where it has only really been mastered by Bassnectar, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob but without the heavy bass-laden dubstep element (which they can also do).

Evil Nine’s Pat Pardy take a few minutes out to tell me why there hasn’t yet been a third album, how they are original gangsters and Normski the gig stalker (joke):

Are we always up for a bit of Twitter banter?

Pretty much always, it’s a good place to publicly take the piss out of people without any major comebacks. We had our first Twitter beef recently though which was pretty dope, Zomby went one of his usual rants & reckoned we ripped him off when we made ‘The Black Brad Pitt‘ – listen here – but we beat him at using the internet & he skulked back off into his corner.

Has Brad Pitt discovered your work yet and is he a fan?

No, to our disappointment.

Before I move on, I have to state that I feel that ‘Twist The Knife featuring Emily Breeze’ – listen here – is probably my favourite track ever and when it comes to being a bit of a music appreciator, it’s always difficult to single out one particular favourite out of the various genres and styles that we are blessed to have. Can you do the same despite the exhaustive list of influences that you have?

Wow, thanks man. It’s hard to decide on your favourite track ever, I think we just have our ‘favourite track ever at the moment‘. Off the top of my head I’d say some of my favourite tracks ever at the moment are Neil Young ‘Old Man’, Shellac ‘Prayer To God’, RUN DMC ‘Beats To The Rhyme’, The Stooges ‘Gimmie Danger’ & The Cure ‘A Forest’. (Pat)

A lot of the stuff you seem to be putting up and about recently, you keep stating that this is work that was written last year, 2 years ago, 2 and a half, have we quite a stock of material?

In a way, yes. We have quite a bit of stuff we weren’t so keen on at the time (but now like) or that was written to pitch for movies and commercials that didn’t get used. We had a day in the studio recently where we went though our laptops, hard drives & old CD’s to find lost tracks and DJ mixes so we could give away to our fans.

“14 years is probably long enough in the game to be considered OG’s”

They Live‘ came out in 2008, with your first album ‘You Can Be Special Too‘ being unleashed in 2004. Aren’t we a year late then for the next LP?

Yeah yeah, we know bro!! ‘The Black Brad Pitt‘ was actually the first track we wrote for our third album about about 2-3 years ago but we abandoned it to work on other projects, you’ll be glad to know we’ve just started working on the next album, we’re about 8-9 demo’s into it & hope to release it early next year. We’ve gone back to our original sound in a way but as usual are keen not to repeat ourselves by bringing something new to it as well, we think you’ll love it (or totally fucking hate it).

So what have you guys been up to recently. There was the ‘Broken Dreams EP‘ – ‘For Lovers’ is the label – and what else?

We’ve actually just finished an album for our other (secret) project, have a new EP ‘Haxxan // Diamonds‘ out August 8th & have been busy with the Evil Nine album & follow up to ‘Haxxan // Diamonds‘. Basically doing what we usually do; fuck around in the studio with no real direction & see what comes out.

Found any famous faces in your recent gigs?

Normski, repeatedly. (No joke).

Would you would use to describe yourselves as veterans in the game now or merely mature? You’ve been making music for what say, 14 years or so now or have we achieved the level of Masters before veterans?

Yeah I guess, 14 years is probably long enough in the game to be considered OG’s. I think we’ve achieved a lot over the years, we’re very proud of (most) the music we’ve created and we’re pretty good at what we do most of the time. In six years we’ll hit the 20 year cycle so maybe people (kids) will look back at our early releases and be influenced by them, at that point we’ll probably feel like ‘masters’.

I feel that ‘Haxxan & Diamonds’ are delightful work. What’s the story behind this release?

Ah man, we hate it when people ask that because the answer is always so disappointing. We literally never have a “story behind a track” other than us sitting in the studio being self indulgent, fucking about & going with whatever comes out of us.

What’s next for Evil Nine?


It never is plain sailing in this industry as I have learned over recent months. It is tiring work as you’ve just read and it can be a nightmare to have everything work out to plan. But recently the release date for ‘Haxxan // Diamonds‘ has changed from then, to now. It has been released by For Lovers and is available in all good digital stores.

I guess even the distributors can’t wait for Evil Nine either. And I kind of don’t blame them. ‘Haxxan‘ has is a breaks track with a deep, soulful vocal samples that hover and weave in and out the eerie echoes behind the relatively simple synth hook. This is one of those tunes that the serious appreciators of the genre will adore. And I certainly do. ‘Diamonds‘ has more of a Hip-Hop flavour without the bling. More so similar to The Weeknd rather than Kanye. Once again, soul is present in abundance. Something which a few dance music related tracks lack a lot of lately.

‘Haxxan // Diamonds’ by Evil Nine released by For Lovers is out now

Breakbeats Original Gangsters   Interview with Evil Nine

Breakbeats Original Gangsters   Interview with Evil Nine

Breakbeats Original Gangsters   Interview with Evil Nine

Breakbeats Original Gangsters   Interview with Evil Nine


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Breakbeats Original Gangsters   Interview with Evil Nine
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