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Control Yourself! – Interview with Dilemn

INTERVIEW - Control Yourself EP by Dilemn - http://funkatech.com

Dilemn is a French music producer of bass music hailing from Toulouse. Gauvain Fargeot aka Dilemn has come a long way in becoming the prominent figure in the French underground electronic scene he is today. Having been brought up surrounded by classical music and its influences, Dilemn engaged himself with a wide range of music from the aggression of Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass to the synthesised qualities of Techno before finding his comfort zone in Electro at the age of 22. Exposing and condensing all of these influences in creating his signature sound, Dilemn’s music combines crunchy beats and slick warm electro lines into pumping melodies that take inspiration from and evolve the French House sound popularised by acts such as Daft Punk and Justice.

After the buzz of his latest release, the ‘Control Yourself‘ EP, he has managed to take some time out for a chat as he talks about his music progression, hard work and how he has the Summer in the studio:

How is everything in the world of Dilemn?

Pretty good, thanks! Summer has finally arrived, my last EP ‘Control Yourself’ came out recently and peaked at #11 in Beatport’s dubstep chart, got a lot of great support and feedback from fans and also from great DJs, so not bad!

Your music direction has taken a bit of a twist over the last couple of years going from the more discotheque funky grooves such as ‘Pitiless‘ to your more recent material such as ‘Transitions‘ which have far more muscle. Have we decided to get a bit harder then?

The one constant in my music is that I love to explore many different styles – I don’t like to feel stuck or categorised in only one genre. I can love every kind of electronic music and I always find something interesting in each genre. Doing the same thing every time is boring for me, it’s why I like to jump from some electro funky acoustic to something more rude, more electronic. It opens my mind and improves my skills.

Your album ‘Better Worlds‘ was brilliant and also shows your progression. Was this a test to see if you could pull off the harder sounds because the tunes go from disco funky grooves to far more tear-the-roof-off stomping tunes?

Effectively, the album format helped me to do this. I didn’t want to do an album with only DJ highway tunes, more like something you can listen to at home or in your car, with tracks more or less quiet, sometimes with funky or hip hop vocals, slapped bass and wah wah guitars, sometimes with distorted synths and heavy metal basses. I know that it could displease some people, but I needed to do this album like this, with a wide range of what I can (or like to) do.

Your latest release ‘Control Yourself‘ is a five track EP that is simply stunning and all are originals. Have we a remix EP in the pipeline already perhaps?

That’s a question for Shimon, the owner of AudioPorn Records 😉

Would you say that you are a diverse producer who is able to turn their hand to anything or are you now focusing more on a particular genre nowadays? The EP is a mix of tempos..

Again, on this last EP, I explored many genres such as Moombahcore, Trap, Drumstep/DnB and Electro-House. I don’t make it because it’s fashionable, but only because it’s something I like to do.

For example, around 8 years ago I was making a lot of drum and bass, put out 2 releases during this period and still have maybe 20 or 30 tracks that never left my computer. It has always been a good way to learn a lot of MAO techniques, synthesis, mixdowns etc.

I also make some new-school breakbeat in the later years and finally uncovered the same energy when I started to make dubstep and drumstep, but just with different tempos.

The overall sound of the EP is very complex, are we working harder on releases nowadays and spending more time in the studio rather than gigging?

Definitely, I work harder for each EP, this has to be a progression. I am not so swamped by gigs this Summer, which is great as it lets me focus on my music.

What events have you got coming up? Hopefully some UK ones and do you think America is ready for you and your sound?

Mainly in France for the moment but I hope that you’ll be seeing me in other countries more and more soon!

What’s next for Dilemn?

I think surely more music to come after the Summer, some remixes, collabs, another EP that I just started to work on!

A lot of hours in studio await but I love doing it so no worries 🙂

As a fan of Dilemn’s work, I have seen – or rather heard – his music develop over the last few years. It appears that his skills have grown, his confidence as a producer has grown and I would hope that his sales do too because as far as EDM goes in all of it’s little pidgeon holes, this diverse producer can pretty much fill them all. The EP is as mixed as it gets. Gutsy and energetic with coarse layers of funk and sway with an array of different tempos.

It’s pretty damn good.

Control Yourself EP by Dilemn is out now released by Audioporn Records

Control Yourself!   Interview with Dilemn

Control Yourself!   Interview with Dilemn

Control Yourself!   Interview with Dilemn

Control Yourself!   Interview with Dilemn


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Control Yourself!   Interview with Dilemn
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