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INTERVIEW: Dubstep Act Dubsidia Are Keeping Secrets


Spaniards Gabriel and Jesus are the production duo Dubsidia and despite having names with religious connotations they create musical beats that bring dancefloor mayhem that is definitely not suitable for Sunday school. Signed to the new powerhouse of bass-laden beats, Disciple Recordings their latest release – the Marvel EP – shows that bass-orientated music is the religion of today.

Taking some time out of the studio they manage to answer some questions and we talk about music evolution, remixing and the “little idiot” – kindly remember when reading this article that Dubsidia are from Spain and English is not their first language.

Interview with Dubsidia

Have we had a good Summer, gents?

Yeah, we were touring Australia for first time with a great crew. We’ve never seen so many kangaroos and koalas so close!

You guys are from Seville, Spain. Where do you spend most your time? Do you come to the UK much?

Seville is our city and we love it. During the midweek we’re producing in the studio. That occupies most part of the day, and the weekends we are playing. Besides play poker, produce and play music, we are where we find the source of income, so we live for the music and it answers us: “Well done, here you go some money and continue feeding me”.

We don’t go to the UK too much, that’s a shout out to the UK promoters!

Your sound has developed quite a bit over the last couple of years from rugged dubstep through to the more complex glitch hop. Have you found your sound-design comfort-zone after dabbling in all of the bass-orientated genres?

Dubstep has evolved so have we. Nowadays there are infinite electronic music genres but at the moment we’re feeling pretty comfortable making complextro and 110 stuff, without leaving dubstep aside.

Your forthcoming release on Disciple Recordings is glitch hop and very much a tearout style. Tells us about it and why no 808 in sight?

Our influences almost always have been murky and muddy. Metal, Neurofunk, and that dark breaks scene of south Spain that was reignited by Funkatech, Hardcore Beats, Broke etc. It doesn’t mean we were narrow-minded, but we capture what we have experienced. Also, we have a peculiar big library of dark own designed reese-bass made of additive and subtractive synthesis, but now we are experimenting and getting new sounds more appreciable in the next releases on Disciple.

Do you prefer doing originals or remixes?

Remixes are easier to do and hard to choose (a track we like is not necessarily a track good to remix) but the originals show to the fans all your skills. This year we were focused on originals.

Have you any remix packages coming after this release?

We had not thought of that, but you just gave us a cool idea to do!

What’s the Moby story? You’ve been collaborating with him recently?

He included ‘Kill Humans‘ on his chart of Top 10 2011 tracks, so he proposed us to work with him. From here is secret.

Dubsidia make music for DJs and dance-floors that is interesting enough to cross over from the clubs to your MP3 player“. What’s are you guys listening to at the minute? Is there a particular track that never seems to leave your sets?

Listening to “Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien“. Some stuff of Far Too Loud and Save The Rave has never been absent of out sets. Also, we have to play always our standout tracks because the crowd don’t stop shouting the name of them.

Are you guys touring at all if so where can we see you?

In Europe till February, when we will come back to Australia, and this time is Summer over there!

What’s next for Dubsidia?

We are very happy with Disciple Recordings, so we are pretty sure next originals releases are going to be there.

The Dubsidia release which was exclusively released on Beatport last week is a violation on the ear drums. The Marvel EP is a dubstep-fuelled, glitch fest. 3 tracks which will leave most of you in awe at the tight production and the Spanish groove. All three have lovely melodies within but the level of bass almost takes over. They have great balance even with such contrasting sounds.

I must stress that the track I Kill You In My Dream is full of coarse language and would not be suitable being played aloud in any workplace. Unless you work in a studio or do not really care what others think. I think it’s the best track on the EP, but it is very naughty.

Dubsidia are heavy weights, nice guys and also very keen to deliver and very keen to keep doing so. Which is a good thing for us all.

To accompany this release the guys have done a promo mix which is available as a free download which you can get immediately right here. You can listen to the mix along with previews of the rest of the release in the music player below.

Marvel EP by Dubsidia is released by Disciple Recordings and is out now exclusively on Beatport and everywhere else from October 14th, 2013


Beatport: btprt.dj/GHpa11


Twitter: @dubsidiamusic
Facebook: facebook.com/dubsidia

Marvel EP by Dubsidia

INTERVIEW: Dubstep Act Dubsidia Are Keeping Secrets


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INTERVIEW: Dubstep Act Dubsidia Are Keeping Secrets
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