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Lights by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper (Refracture Remix)

Lights by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper The Refracture Remix - http://funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

The Refracture remix of the award winning ‘Lights’ by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper is the debut record label release from Refracture’s new imprint, Fractured Music. The original track was the Best Track winner at last years Breakspoll Awards and this bassline throbbing remix has a techier edge making me enjoy this even more than the first official version.

Paul Dobson aka Refracture is now going down the label route and with his first release already gaining support from Paul Oakenfold after his recent Oakey remix of ‘Bullet In The Gun’ as I immediately assumed it would be, it is also receiving solid praise from Elite force, The Gulf Gate Project, Beta, Blazer, Hunter Vaughan and Access Deniedwho I can confirm is in line for a release on the label soon.

The tune now has gone from a breakbeat classic into the realms of electro. A fusion of both with a booming groove and to be honest, that’s pretty much it. A couple of signature Refracture elements have been added marking is territory on the track thus leaving us with a goosebump-wielding, euphoric, dancefloor smasher. Which is pretty much his signature, full-stop.

If this is setting the standard, the calibre that we are likely to expect from Fracture Music is going to high, full on and globally appreciated.

Lights by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper (Refracture Remix) is the first release from Fractured Music and is out today


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Beatman & Ludmilla


Lights by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper (Refracture Remix)


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Lights by Beatman & Ludmilla vs Hyper (Refracture Remix)
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