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Lost In You ft Lena Cullen / Super Chief by Pyramid

After dishing out a score of 140bpm belters over the last year or so the dynamic duo PYRAMID have changed the breakbeat genre forever. By adding a jungle vibe to their tunes and speeding up the pace they have pioneered a craze which has built momentum and caused a few other artists to follow suit. There are not many underground artists who have managed to create such a stir in their chosen game but now the time has come for the producers to reach out and move higher and further still. Their latest double A release has the potential to take them into that required direction because it is a sheer sterling piece of material. This is ‘Lost In You ft Lena Cullen’ and the bass driven ‘Super Chief’.

The gents have a tendency to make bass heavy and deep tone driven tunes – see ‘Super Chief’ below – so to have a track that is a little against their choice of grain I feel is quite refreshing. What is more refreshingly so is the harmony throughout with the use of underground dance music vocalist Lena Cullen who recently become the main singer on Emalkay’s last album release ‘Eclispe’ and the ever-growing in popularity, Prashant Mistry of The Engine Earz Experiment and the use of crisp, clear and refined piano riffs.

Co-written by another EDM singer and songwriter Belle Humble the track is lighter than normal in comparison to recent PYRAMID works but the beauty and flow of this forthcoming release will possibly lose interest from a couple of the bass-head crews but will gain far more appreciation from those who prefer commercial chart successes. But saying that, the second track retains the filth, the grit and the prominent bass beat and our duo deliver to us a tune that has the ability to grab the attention of everyone in a room where it is likely to be played. It appears to be in a relatively simple 4/4 format but the exquisite tones that emit from your speakers are by no means basic. When the bass drops in you are in an impressive state of awe due to the level of dirty-mindedness that hits your inner ear. After the initial barrage and the bass moves on in waves to different levels, there is one echoing piece of sheer delight and that is the patch that everyone who is trying make EDM surely wants. This is a big room beat that needs to be aired amongst the thousands and not a few hundred in a London club.

With the vocals on the first track and the ridiculous bass on the second, it should be loved by the mainstream and be adored by the underground. PYRAMID are one of the breakbeat “Wonders of the World”.

‘Super Chief’ is different.

“Super Chief is pure dancefloor mayhem. People with pacemakers shouldn’t come into the club.” – Nicky D’silva of Pyramid

‘Lost In You ft Lena Cullen’/’Super Chief’ by Pyramid is released by Funkatech Records on April 23, 2012

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Lost In You ft Lena Cullen / Super Chief by Pyramid


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Lost In You ft Lena Cullen / Super Chief by Pyramid
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