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Lowering The Tone – Interview with Meat Katie

Lowering The Tone - Interview with Meat Katie

Meat Katie is quite a popular name. It is a slightly irregular one as most would say, but that has helped him become one of the most popular DJs in the UK and beyond. He has been in the music game for well over 15 years now and he is still creating wonderful tech-funk beats (techno & breaks) and still ensures the crowd at his gigs have a great time with his escapism and deliriously luscious choice of tunes.

There is never a dull moment for my friend, Mark. As well as constant touring, studio work, label management, and kids, he takes some time out (finally) to have a few words as he tell us about his brand new podcast series, juggling the responsibilities of normal everyday life and the location of the World’s best burger:

Been busy then, Mark?

I have just got back from France, I played at La Petit Bain which was really cool, excellent production (Steam Punk style decor).

Did you experience any sea-sickness when performing with Elite Force on your boat party?

No, funnily enough the show in France at the weekend was also on a boat. Seems to be a a common thread in my recent shows.

And how was the Notting Hill Carnival gig the other week with our good friends, Far Too Loud and PYRAMID?

Notting Hill Carnival was great. It was my first time playing. I played on the Sunday, the other guys played on the Monday so I didn’t get chance to see them. Here’s some footage of my set.

Exciting times for LOT49 at the minute, isn’t it? 100 releases!?

Absolutely, we are in our 9th year and we are finally hitting our 100th release we have exclusive tracks from Dopamine, Lee Coombs, Chevy One, Myself & Dylan Rhymes, Sam Vandal, Electric Soulside. The whole crew have delivered some cracking tracks.

You’ve started doing a podcast too. How often is this gong to be done?

Yeah, I have started doing my own show Lowering The Tone. I just plan on doing them when I can. I have nearly finished the second one. Anyone that is interested they are on iTunes or SoundCloud but you can also subscribe via my website. Or see below.

So here is my first full blown podcast, I think It’s a good example of my taste and what I am about, I managed to squeeze in an interview with a good friend Micah Black (From Black & Blunt) while he was in the UK although I had had a few drinks so it was a bit sloppy to say the least (I will work on my interviewing techniques)

I intend to do these Podcasts as regular as I can and although it doesn’t sound it it really was a fair bit of work, but I did enjoy doing it and I have already started the next one.

If your interested in getting involved somehow please email me on mark@meatkatie.com and put in the subject LTT please, it’s the promo that really needs some work so If you can please share the link leave a comment and give it a little push where ever you can it would really help me getting this show off the ground.

For more information please go to meatkatie.com and if you subscribe to the mailing list you will receive a newsletter with the track listing.

So with the gigs, the label work, now with the podcast along with producing your own material, how do you manage your time with it all?

Badly to be honest, I really struggle with time management. I tend to do things as and when I can as opposed to having any order. I’m sure I could be a lot more productive with some kind of management in place.

What do you do to relax? Do you tend to head down the roads towards self-infliction or long country walks?

The truth is I like to spend time with my kids and do normal stuff like go swimming and watch films. I think I have enough rock & roll with the weekends I’m working.

Where do the best burgers come from?

I have traveled extensively looking for the ultimate burger and personally Ferg Burgers in Queenstown, New Zealand is the best I have ever had. Obviously Queenstown is one of the most picturesque places I have every had the pleasure to visit, but to stumble upon this world class purveyor of meat in bun really made the trip even more special! Check it out: http://www.fergburger.com

Have you any particular tunes on rotation at the minute which just don’t seem to be leaving your sets? Are there any tunes from last year at all or do tend to keep it quite fresh?

I love this track LA Invasion from Electric Soulsidelisten here – I have struggled to take that out of my sets it just really hit’s the spot for me. Besides that I always try to introduce a few new tracks every time I play.

What’s next for Meat Katie?

I have a few things lined up in Europe and in the States but the next big tour is Australia / NZ and the Far East December to February. It’s a long tour but I intend to do some on the road podcasting for Lowering The Tone and I have some very cool & interesting people lined up for the interviews.

Mark is one of the most genuine and honest of gents. In my time chatting, meeting and greeting producers and DJs over time, I’m fortunate to have found little attitude and ego, and Meat Katie is just that which is why he is always a pleasure to talk to and also to listen to.

In the podcast he chats to good friend Micah Black (Black & Blunt) while he was in the UK and it is a very casual conversation but you get a little more insight into the industry as these two stalwarts in the game pretty much chat rather than this being a recorded interview.

His sets are very similar to his podcast. There is passion, groove and smiles. That is what Meat Katie is all about: A humble family man making music and doing his best to share it out.

The Lowering The Tone Podcast by Meat Katie is a free download

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Lowering The Tone   Interview with Meat Katie


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Lowering The Tone   Interview with Meat Katie
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