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Lumination / White Nights by Hedflux & Grouch

Lumination / White Nights by Hedflux & Grouch from Broken Robot Records | http://funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

With the introduction of psybreaks a couple of years ago the format is still strong, vibrant and Hedflux is arguably the main man of psychedelic broken beats. His forthcoming release ‘Lumination / White Nights’ with the latter a collaboration from New Zealand based producer Grouch is to be released from the tweaks and bleeps kings, Broken Robot Records. Check out the tracks with some words from Hedflux himself.

I met up with Grouch during a tour of Australia in February 2012. I had discovered his music during my previous Ozzie tour in 2011, and for that whole year I had been obsessed! His sound design skills were probably the best I’d ever heard, not to mention how utterly infectious and groovy his beats are. A true master! We met at Luminate Festival in New Zealand, and discovered a mutual respect for each other’s music. So we decided to hook up at his place in Melbourne. We didn’t have much time, so we each sat on our laptops and made sounds, sending them back and forth over Dropbox. We decided to take the sounds away, and each make our own track based on those sounds. ‘Lumination’ is my version of the events. Oscar’s (Grouch’s) one is not coming out yet, but I’ve heard it in his Live shows and it’s awesome.

The collaboration with Grouch has meant that we have a relentless and inhuman twitchy shower of constant mental ticks, beeps and glittering high pitched clinks, knocks, and tones. The production appears quite complex however when listening to this on the dancefloor you’ll be carried through this journey of escapism by the synthetic and ever-rolling, funky bassline. It progresses with layers of comforting sounds and extraterrestrial resonance. ‘Lumination’ is a one of those enlightening tracks that’ll take you somewhere else, and you’ll be not wanting to come back.

With ‘White Nights’, this is an older track that I wrote in 2010, and that somehow escaped public release all this time. It was a track that came together surprisingly quickly, once that rolling groove was established. The voice sample, some may recognise, is from Breaking Bad, the “Fly” episode!

I did almost go ape when I heard the words of Walter White on the track ‘White Nights’. The tune has a certain sense of urgency, a tense nature in the air and I feel that it is quite fitting to have a title such as this and with the leading character from one of the most successful television shows on the planet. The tune has a sensuous bounce, an unnatural feel of energy and progresses marvelously. Whilst dance music today is very Westernised, this can break the cultures of the Far East and could very easily become a sensation. A marvelous Hedflux track and perhaps for me his finest. Which is funny in a way. Some tracks can take days to make and still be classed as alright, yet this one was apparently banged together and I believe it to be genius work once again.

‘Lumination / White Nights’ by Hedflux & Grouch is released Broken Robot Records on Jan 7th, 2013


On Beatport: http://btprt.dj/Wm5TlH
On iTunes UK & EU: http://bit.ly/138CJ0h
On iTunes US & CA: http://bit.ly/VM7Us5
On Amazon: http://amzn.to/VM84zN


Lumination / White Nights by Hedflux & Grouch


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Lumination / White Nights by Hedflux & Grouch
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1138068385 Connie Halls

    Huge release!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=738946146 Joseph McLean

      Huge release indeed! The shares are still going up..