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Magnetic Eyes – Interview with Matrix & Futurebound

Drum & Bass is a genre that everyone is aware of. No matter your preference in music whether it be commercial or underground, everyone loves a bit of DnB. So to become established in that particular pigeon hole you have to do something special like the London golden toothed legend did. But he turned the world on it’s head a number of years ago and nowadays it is rare for someone to make a mark so prestigious. The last one to do that I would say would be Sub Focus but he seems to be the reluctant type. There are a few DJs and producers who would love the limelight and the awareness that has shrouded him but there is one certain act who has matched that rise in the DnB scene over recent years, and that happens to be ‘Matrix & Futurebound’. I have a brief chat with ‘Futurebound’ himself, Mr. Brendan Collins about forthcoming releases, who’s got the better bassline, and the importance of family.

Never a dull moment is there for ‘Matrix & Futurebound’?
Yes, it’s quite hectic around the ol’ M & F headquarters these days! So much going on for us right now we need cloning!

The pair of you have your own individual labels – with Metro being Jamie’s (Matrix) and Viper being Brendan’s (Futurebound) – are they going to stay individual?
When we first started doing ‘Matrix & Futurebound’ tunes in 2005 we both had our own labels, so anything released together goes out as a “Metro/Viper” release. But we also have our own solo stuff and artists signed who release on each label so they are separate entities when it comes to anything non-Matrix & Futurebound.

Your latest or rather forthcoming release – ‘Magnetic Eyes (feat. Baby Blue)’ – which was ‘EXCLUSIVELY’ aired on Annie Mac’s show last Friday night – see below – did you have ‘Baby Blue’ in mind at the time of the tracks initial conception? How did the track grow from it’s seed?
Once we got the track in place we started looking for a vocalist for it. We tried a few different vocals (male and female) before finally settling on Blue’s. It’s taken a fair bit of time to get this one right and after trying many vocalists (some of whom were really great) we knew Blue’s take on it was the one as it had the edge.

Apart from your own hardwork getting yourselves where you are today, who’s been a prominent influence and full of support on your journey do you think?
We have to thank our families, they’ve been amazing to us over the years. This is a hard game to be in and like any other job you have your good and bad times. When the bad times creep in, that’s when you need inspiration and for us that starts at home.

Are you doing any remixes at all soon because I know you like your remixes?
We recently did ones for ‘Get Busy’ by Rude Kid & Skepta and ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ by Afrojack & Shermanology. At the moment we’ve just been working hard at finishing ‘Magnetic Eyes’, but that being said as soon as you have a new record, the remix offers always come flooding in. We’re very picky about whose record we’re going to remix.

“As long as we don’t kill each other arguing over whose bassline is better! If you ever see a story in the paper about a murder in the studio, you’ll know what went wrong!”

– Brendan Collins aka Futurebound

You’ll have ShockOne with an album coming out soon – ‘Universus’ – after his ‘Chaos Theory’ is dropped out to the masses by Viper, is it not time for the M & F LP?
‘ShockOne’s’ album is definitely going to be an amazing project. He’s busy at work finishing up the last couple of tunes, then it will be ready. By the sounds of it, it’s all killer, no filler! His new single ‘Chaos Theory’check it out here – which is about to drop has been tearing up clubs for months. It debuted at #2 on the Australian Dance Charts on its first day of pre-order!

Our album is in the pipeline. Although we haven’t established how long the pipeline is yet, it’s still a way off. Suffice to say “2013” for that one.

Will there always be a Matrix & Futurebound? Are you two going to continue with your collaboration or are you likely to move forward with your own solo works?
As long as we don’t kill each other arguing over whose bassline is better! If you ever see a story in the paper about a murder in the studio, you’ll know what went wrong!

So what are we waiting for then!? Head over to the Cable website to see and hear the guys from Futurebound’s label Viper Recordings who are performing alongside the Funkatech family with Specimen A, PYRAMID and honourable guests. Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/viper19octFB and check out the official Facebook Event Page for further details if you wish.

‘Magnetic Eyes ft. Baby Blue’ by Matrix & Futurebound is out Dec 30, 2012 on Metro/Viper Recordings in association with 3beat.

Download ‘Matrix & Futurebound:

On Beatport: http://btprt.dj/X0kiXI
On iTunes EU: http://bit.ly/TlrQjo
On iTunes US & CA: http://bit.ly/UQ2am6
On Amazon: http://amzn.to/R41Xq3



The confirmed remixes for this forthcoming release are Smooth, TC and this one done by Funkatech’s very own PYRAMID and if I’m going to be straight and honest, it is INSANE! I love it! Share it out and give your friends the goosebumps NOW!

Magnetic Eyes   Interview with Matrix & Futurebound


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Magnetic Eyes   Interview with Matrix & Futurebound
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