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Mutual Friends – Interview with CutWires

CutWires interview

As the Summer draws to a close, CutWires are now breathing sighs of relief after experiencing what could be their best Summer to date. They are the House music duo who deliver tunes that are:

“Daft Punk-esque beats, to House, via Electro that’s heavier than an HGV!”

It is a fair description from Tim Hiscox and George Taylor. The composers of Runaway who perform under the title of CutWires and their latest release is a tune that has been played all over Radio 1 and the Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend.

As the festival dust begins to settle and as they prepare for the social media onsalught of promoting their 4 track release, both of the gents take some time out to answer a few questions for me. CutWires informs us all about moving away from the Summer vibes, being connected and being compared to Madeon:

Have we had a good Summer? Have you managed to hit Ibiza? Your music has, hasn’t it?

T – Yeah man! Had a really great Summer. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get to Ibiza though, hopefully next year! I really don’t know if our tracks have made it out there, hopefully they have, if anyone reading this has played one out there let us know!

G – It’s been an awesome Summer! Unfortunately not hit the white isle though I hear Runaway got play-listed on a radio station out there – but about to head off to Croatia for Dimensions Festival. But where better to spend Summer than London?! It’s been crazy. So many clubs, little festivals and places to hear new music. Best Summer ever!

‘Runaway’ is the release which is out today. Happy for it to see the light after being “Used as the theme music for ‘Radio 1 in Ibiza'”? How did that come about?

T – I think we’ve had Runaway knocking around in various forms for about a year so , yes, absolutely happy for it to see the light of day its getting really good reactions. We’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of our tracks as beds of Radio 1, Momma Told (next release after Runaway) was used on Greg James’s show in Afghanistan and Runaway was used in the Ibiza promos and on Danny Howard’s show. Everyone wants to be on Radio 1 so I’m not sure I can tell you our sources ha ha!

G – Yeah pretty sure Runaway has been about since the beginning of last Summer – had it on my phone for the Summer so I was listening to it quite a lot but we didn’t come back to it until October last year where we added the vocals and arranged it properly. I think it’s probably one of my favourite CutWires tracks – it’s such a summery, upbeat tune – even if the vocals are inspired by wanting to be out of a certain situation, which thankfully I now am. Really happy it’s out – hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks of sunshine for people to enjoy it! Always great to get stuff on Radio 1 as well. It’s good exposure and they use our music well!

Are you surprised by the support or would you say that you were expecting it with your former association with the BBC?

T – Ha ha! Well my former association with the BBC extends to having worked at BBC Radio Leeds in the sports department so musically I don’t think that’s helped me in any way other than working with a great bunch of people!

G – We never expect anything. In the early days we were thinking our tunes were gonna be huge and be played everywhere. But we’ve come to realise that everything that happens when a tune is released is a bonus. The best bit is still in making the tune and being able to enjoy it afterwards – if it gets played in a club, someone uses it in a set or they play it on radio it’s all bonus. That said – we are loving the support this record is getting and it’s awesome to hear it on the beeb.

Do you think after that lovely accreditation “the music business is full of right shysters” still?

T – Well personally I haven’t come across any absolute shysters but you read and hear things all the time. I think what your referring to was my tweet about the guy from CSS, that was pretty harsh.

G – Haha – all my dealings have been alright. People wanna make money, so they will exploit anyone they can, but you gotta make sure you know what deals you’re cutting and that you don’t let people take you for a ride.

So how did you guys come together as the unit that is CutWires?

T – Well we both worked as producers at the same company and quickly discovered we liked the same types of music and that’s where it all started.

G – Yeah we worked together and it just happened. It’s only really be in the last 18 months we’ve really put some proper focus on CutWires as it stands today. It’s now something we are really focused on and we’ve got some great future steps planned.

A “mutual friend” shall we say has compared your work to Madeon. How do you feel about that?

T – Hmmmm, I don’t think we sound like Madeon at all really apart from the chords in Runaway our other tracks are worlds apart! It is flattering though!

G – He really is ridiculously talented for his age. I hope his label/management give him the freedom to create new stuff without just saying “make it sound like Icarus again” cos I think he could stand to shoot himself in the foot if he keeps making all his stuff sound so samey. He’s in a position now where everyone is watching and waiting to hear what he’s got – I’m sure it’s gonna be killer. I don’t think we sound even slightly similar, haha, but I’ll take it as a compliment!

Your more recent music is quite chilled and rolls along really quite wonderfully, but you guys enjoy some of the darker stuff such as Evil Nine, Bloody Beetroots, Boys Noize. Anything like the raucous beats of “Death Electro” on route at all? It is more apparent in your earlier works such as the In A Field EP which came out last Summer? That was a mixed genre bag wasn’t it? Come To Pass is excellent!

T – Yeah man Evil Nine and Boys Noize will always be on my list of influences! I think as you hear more releases from us it’ll become clear that we don’t stick to one thing for very long. I’ll just say watch out for Elvis coming soon, that’ll kind of mark a departure from the Summer vibes in a weird way! 🙂

G – I think that’s where Tim and I first came together – mutual appreciation of those big electro and breaks of 2006/2007. Evil Nine, Boys Noize, SMD, Justice, Soulwax, Fake Blood etc etc… That is where we started with our own stuff. As the years have gone on so has the evolution of the genre and our tastes have changed. I’ve always been into melodic and summery music – so stuff in our collection like Runaway, Micaela and Don’t Talk were bound to happen. That said – we love an absolute filthy banger so Come To Pass and our forthcoming releases will fit nicely into that category. Like Tim says – we don’t stick to one thing for very long, so our new stuff really is quite the departure!

It seems that we are just getting into the swing of things more with releases, are we jumping into remixing duties anytime soon?

T – Well we’ve done a few remixes some of them our up on our SoundCloud but the more recent ones have had to be taken down for the time being for reasons I can’t go into. We’re always on the lookout for new projects and remixes.

G – Yeah man, we love remixing. But it’s been a conscious decision to focus on our own releases this year. We wanted to build up our releases. Hopefully we’ll get back into remixing in 2014 as well as getting our live show ready!

Do we get easily distracted by the grips that social media have on a lot of people nowadays? Can you avoid going a few hours without checking your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts?

T – Well I’ve got a massive OCD about the little red dot, I hate it and it has to go as soon as I see it!

G – Ditto. Facebook is my vice!

The support you have which is growing at an expeditionary rate, or at least will be after Runaway hits the digital stores today, what’s next for CutWires?

T – We’ve got a release schedule until the end of this year and then next is getting out the backlog of tracks we have. There is a real mixed bag of stuff we’re sitting on so getting that stuff out will be our main focus along side more DJing and remixes hopefully!

G – Yeah. We’ve also talked about getting our live show sorted. We won’t be two guys stood behind an Ableton Push controller playing with the filter on Come To Pass – we wanna put a show on. What that is yet – we don’t know! One thing is for sure – I’ll probably be drunk, wearing a suit and Tim will be showboating!

I can’t tell if I want to have this on a loop whilst I’m sipping daiquiris by the pool or if I want this on a loop in a set so I can dance to it continuously for the night. The release is just a delight, as CutWires‘ label informs us:

Runaway is a soft, melodic roller with a sweetly processed, infectious vocals that should be an essential part of your summer soundtrack whilst hanging out on the beach or burning the sausages on the barbeque. A remix from Ettica takes the track into cool deep house territory.

To add to your summer experience we bring you a future club anthem Ice Cube, taking a sneak peek at the future sound of CutWires.

CutWires’ last release on Artillery, Don’t Talk, was well received by the tastemaker community, including support from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard and Benga, XFM’s Eddy Temple-Morris, Kiss FM’s Rattus Rattus and Ministry Of Sound’s Sister Bliss – Artillery Recordings

And that is an honest description. Despite these guys having the ability to make “bangers”, having the ability to produce subtle and well-crafted beats such as these shows the level of experience and skill in the studios.

Despite having their title track being played here there and everywhere over recent weeks – if not months – it appears that their label has only decided to unleash it as of today. This is their third released through Artillery Recordings this year and with the sound and the success of those previous, CutWires, I really do feel, are going to be around for a while. I believe that we are all going to be aware about them at some point, and that their music will be appreciated by many. Especially by our “mutual friend”, who will remain nameless.

Runaway by CutWires is released by Artillery Recordings and is out today exclusively on Beatport and everywhere else from September 16th, 2013

Purchase release

iTunes UK (Pre-order)http://bit.ly/1a04WJI
iTunes RoW (Pre-order)http://bit.ly/14konbz

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Mutual Friends   Interview with CutWires


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Mutual Friends   Interview with CutWires
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