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Never Been EP by Dub Phizix ft Fox [DnB] Official Music Video

Following the amazing ‘Marka’ release the Manchester based producer of unique DnB beats Dub Phizix returns with an EP that not only veers the genre off into it’s own sub category but the tunes that appear on this latest piece of wondrous material show that this man can deliver some seriously intricate and diverse beats. Having previously released work on a score of quality labels such as Dispatch, Ingredients, Exit and now Critical as well as others, the ‘Never Been’ EP has some fresh sounds, some classic drum and bass elements and also, if there is such a thing as an X factor vibe in the EDM scene then this guy has it.

Whilst the bass warbles from the start like a heart-beat setting the pace, the drums kick in as tune tune builds and then we drop into some serious tribal territory. As MC Fox delivers to us some unintelligible lyrics bouncing along darkly and with prominence, we find ourselves subconsciously moving on the clubland floors to a release that contains heart, soul and power. ‘Never Been’ is a bad-ass head turner.

As ‘Codec’ begins, you feel that the haunting aura of the tune will move us down the same direction as the former track but that isn’t the case. From the organic sound of tribal drums we now have a more technological and industrious groove abrasively channeling it’s way along which is accompanied by dark shadows of cheek and raunchiness with spooky echoes injecting fear and shivers. Spine tingling stuff.

The third tune ‘Handmade’ has certain classic DnB tones woven within the clean and tight riffs that drive the track throughout. As the tune moves it sounds like a refreshed and rejuvenated remix of haunting old skool tunes remastered. It’s like a retrospective track containing an eclectic mix of sounds from the best of chillout DnB. 5am shizzle for me rather than dancefloor schmoozing.

The tunes that are leaving Manchester and the surrounding areas at the moment are currently making their way across the country and bringing the look of great awe to the faces of the listeners. Bass music in the UK doesn’t have to come from London all of the time but when it comes to the high quality levels of DnB entering the digital stores and the decks of the DJs, there is a new capital forming.

If you want fresh cuts of drum and bass, head north.

‘Never Been EP’ by Dub Phizix featuring Fox is released by Critical Records and is out now
Never Been EP by Dub Phizix ft Fox [DnB] Official Music Video


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Never Been EP by Dub Phizix ft Fox [DnB] Official Music Video
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