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New EP ‘Greed Of Gain’ From Misanthrop Is Just Brutal And Dark

Greed Of Gain by Misanthrop

When does profit turn into greed? For Misanthrop the answer to this question is rooted in the influence that money can have and it is also the essential inspiration for his long-overdue solo EP entitled ‘Greed Of Gain‘.

And we know you all have been waiting for this! This 4-track EP will be released on Misanthrop’s joint label Neosignal Recordings and is packed with a mixture of everything you could sonically ever ask for. The production throughout the whole release is second to none and proves why Misanthrop is one of the most pioneering and distinct producers out there. As usual we leave it to the listeners to judge each track for themselves.

The 2 x 12” vinyl EP release will be strictly limited to 500 pieces and comes with its own handcrafted artwork. A true collectors’ item! We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do.

Despite the delightful aggressive bouts of bass and mid-level mayhem, this is a very carefully constructed body of work. Sheer DnB class.” – thetruejoe90

Greed Of Gain by Misanthrop is released by Neosignal Recordings on Beatport on November 25th, 2013 and everywhere else from December 9th, 2013

The vinyl will be available from the Neosignal website which you can find here: http://neosignal.de/



Neosignal (also a band)


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New EP Greed Of Gain From Misanthrop Is Just Brutal And Dark

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New EP Greed Of Gain From Misanthrop Is Just Brutal And Dark
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  • http://thetruejoe90.com/ thetruejoe90

    Loving the depth on this..