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Overload by Dot Rotten ft TMS The Pyramid Remixes

Overload ft TMS by Dot Rotten The PYRAMID Remixes - http://funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

Why this track was not made available online sooner I do not know because I have been gagging to share this track because it is by far the best remix of this commercial chart topper by rapper, producer and songwriter Dot Rotten featuring the production skills of the former Breakfastaz boys, TMS. is the tune and it has been extremely well supported by radio airwaves royalty.

I personally am not an overwhelmed fan of the original track due to my personal hatred for the massively over-played ‘Children’ by Robert Miles which is where the core riff of the track is sampled from. Back in the mid-to-late nineties it was everywhere, it annoyed me and with that in mind I found it difficult to shrug off. Nevertheless, the underlying re-tweaked bass pattern that supports the piano keys is wonderfully warm and wholesome and the way the tune weaves off is not quite my style but still with several number one related music projects under their belts, I am not going to knock the skills of TMS. I can’t. ‘Girls, Money, Drink & Drugs’ is still one of my favourite Breaks tracks to date.

But then there are these remixes.

The Pyramid boys have their take on it and bring two versions to the official release package courtesy of Mercury Records and we have a frantic, mosh-pit destroying, jungle breaks remix (below) and a dubstep ear-reshaping belter. The contrast to the light twinkling of the keys leveled out by the ensuing bombardment of depth along with the resonating warmth, is an astonishing delight. Audacious, heavy and emotional.

Perhaps the dubstep version should’ve been sent out as the actual original. Not that I am a fan or anything.

‘Overload’ by Dot Rotten ft TMS is out now released by Mercury Records.

Dot Rotten:



Overload by Dot Rotten ft TMS The Pyramid Remixes


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Overload by Dot Rotten ft TMS The Pyramid Remixes
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