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Polarize EP by Seven Lions ft Shaz Sparks [Introducing Dubstep DnB Electro] w/ Free Download

Polarize EP by Seven Lions ft Shaz Sparks [Introducing Dubstep DnB Electro] w/ Free Download

There is nothing like coming across someone new who can rock your mind and put you into a wobbly sense of awe.

Introducing the newest signing to the predominantly drum & bass label @ViperRecordings, @SevenLionsMusic.

This debut EP release is from an American who has managed to bring a slightly different form of fusion of bass and euphoria to the decks and our ears.

“And my goodness me, you’ll want more immediately.”

When you listen to this tune drop for the first time, you can understand immediately why there appears to be so much hype surrounding this release. The first track off the EP ‘Below Us’ which features the dreamy vocals from @ShazSparks begins in a way that it causes great curiosity. It is soft and sweet only for a few moments as the trance elements come in and then soon disappear as the phenomenal bass drops in like a thunder clap booming above your head. The tune positively rattles your mind and you can feel the contortion occurring on your face as it moves forward. This combination of superbly produced trance and dubstep is on a different level and far above most of the work which is out now and soon to be released.

Pounding mids and a vibrant groove are in place along with the dreamscape vibe that still hovers over the fundamental trance injection, but instead it is weaved amongst a more frantic drum track. Ever-so-slightly the reduced bass effects that continue to carry weight carry less awe, but instead of standing there in shock and amazement like what you are likely to do on the original, you are much more expected to be shaking your backside and nodding your head to this upbeat bouncer from DnB producer of golden moments, Smooth.

Also with an extended DJ edit – which I’ll refer to – this big room monster fuses together dubby bass tones along with some electro that not only delightfully flows but has such a cleanliness in sound even the gritty parts are of a wondrous beauty. The Oakenfold brigade can warm to this as it ticks all of their boxes at the start as we hear it rise and warm our hearts but when the pianos fade and the drums worm they way through the broken beat foundations come out to play. We are then moving up to a more astringent level. Abrasive mids and bass pummel away in balance along with the once again, soft and sweet vocal talents of Shaz Sparks. Swaying, swaggering, moshing and dancing like life doesn’t get any better is the feel you get with this accumulation of sounds and effects.

Now I didn’t think this EP could get any better to be honest and I am wrong. This is just amazing. The euphonic riff that drives us off on the start is so simple, so enchanting, it is a hook and a half because I’m locked in. The sonorous, funky wave that carries you is then greeted by what appears to be sheer, satanic evil. The bombarding bass tones are akin to those heard in a Hollywood movie featuring robotic extraterrestrials, but then they veer away and we are left with otherworldly trance. This dubstep tune rolls out the nice, then the bad pleasantly disturbs and we flow back again to be then greeted by an eclectic fusion of everything we have heard before it an electronic amalgamation of beats and grooves. This, is, the BOMB!

Free: Download

Severe elated dubstep on this bad boy with sitars, relentless bass stabs and euphoric vibes a plenty. I’m not going to say anymore on this. I’ve ranted on about how much this EP is such an astonishing achievement in balance, production and general awesomeness.

Jeff Montalvo is Seven Lions and he has just raised the bar. At this moment in time I very much doubt that many can or will manage to reach it.

‘Polarize EP’ by Seven Lions ft Shaz Sparks is out now released by Viper Recordings

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Polarize EP by Seven Lions ft Shaz Sparks [Introducing Dubstep DnB Electro] w/ Free Download


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Polarize EP by Seven Lions ft Shaz Sparks [Introducing Dubstep DnB Electro] w/ Free Download
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