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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Post Native Mix Vol 1 by Neuropol

Neuropol prefers to go down a slightly different route when it comes to his dance music preferences. Rather than the big, brashy beats which have shrouded the airwaves over recent years, this guy goes for the deep, dark and moody basslines.

Neuropol is a Bristol based producer who makes left field, soulful, bass heavy, electronic music. His first offerings are already receiving support from a diverse list of tastemakers including Om Unit, Plastician, Sam Binga, RSD, Stagga, Daddy G and the ever on point XLR8R.

As a DJ Neuropol is a versatile cross-genre selector bringing together the vital elements of Bass Music. He glides between electronica, dubstep, garage, house and DnB with ease.

From the tracklist below there are probably some names whom you’ve never heard of and I for one, have to say that this is also the case for myself. Koast MC is on mic duties accompanying the mix which is up as a free download so grab it whilst you can and enjoy the soulful and industrious beats in the mix.

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1. Dusky Brights by Neuropol
2. Skanks (Lol Gurlz Remix) by Decibel feat. Flowdan
3. Qawli Dub by Nasha Experience
4. Silent Chapters by Aotoa
5. Miscommunication (Original Mix) by Ticklish
6. Invisible Colors (Deft Remix) by 123Mrk
7. Just Beat by EAN
8. Live Freestyle by Koast MC
9. Street Sound by Danny Scrilla
10. 12th Round by Neuropol
11. All Front by Krampfhaft
12. Erotica (Om Unit remix) by 813
13. Don’t Know What To Tell Ya by Aaliyah
14. Nice To Meet You (Sweatson Klank Remix) by S. Maharba
15. Afterthought feat Frank Carter III by Ivy Lab
16. Dark Sunrise (feat Tamara Blessa) by Om Unit
17. Big Booty Girls by Dawn Day Night
18. Villains 1 Heros 0 (feat They Call Me Raptor) by Alix Perez
19. Electric Riddim by Sam Binga & Om Unit
20. Rainy City Music by Dub Phizix
21. What You Like by # a.t.u.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Post Native Mix Vol 1 by Neuropol


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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Post Native Mix Vol 1 by Neuropol
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