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PYRAMID Release Their UKF & XFM Exclusives

PYRAMID - Leads To Nothing_Rumble

Leads To Nothing ft. Jak Berry / Rumble ft. G Double by PYRAMID

Having smashed the summer with their ‘Zap Box‘ set to stun, PYRAMID return to the Funkatech homestead with their boldest, baddest showdown to date. Embracing the exciting, genre-less free-for-all that international crowds are demanding right now, Inchie and Ken Mac have dug deep to create two killer cuts that defy any classical categorisations.

We kick off with ‘Leads To Nothing‘. Scoring over 56,000 hits on UKF within three days of uploading, it’s already captured the imagination of electronic music’s most enthusiastic, motivated community. It’s not hard to understand why; smelting electro-like rainbow synth blasts with a full-force 4/4 rhythm, lightening-strike bass glitches and a smouldering soulful vocal from Jak Berry, it’s the perfect fusion of rush-riddled euphoria, low-end grit and raw production muscle. Make no mistake: ‘Leads To Nothing‘ is leading to something very special indeed.

Flipping the switch with tempo-flexing tenaciousness, ‘Rumble‘ reminds us of PYRAMID’s fractured funk roots as they lay down a firing slice of weighty, rolling drumstep. Debuted by none other than Eddy Temple Morris on XFM; ‘Rumble‘ kicks and screams with a sharp, staccato riddim, rifle-like bass stabs and an overwhelming sense of instant carnage. Spurred by G Double’s demonstrative vocal delivery and surcharged with the perfect touches of laser-reaching synth lines, it’s yet another perfect boundary-bounding blend of elements that refuses to sit still. Ready to ‘Rumble‘? You will be!

With early support from Excision, SKiSM, Far Too Loud and Specimen A, both these stone cold tear-ups are already making serious dents on the dancefloor this Autumn.

Now you can cause damage with them, too.

Leads To Nothing & Rumble by PYRAMID is released by Funkatech Records and is out now

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PYRAMID Release Their UKF & XFM Exclusives

Leads To Nothing ft. Jak Berry – Official Music Video

Shot in LA by the Bkind Media team.
Executive Producer: Dan Paget
Director: James Skinner
Director of Photography/Editor: Alex Field
Art Director: Claire Cetera

Rumble ft. G Double

PYRAMID Release Their UKF & XFM Exclusives


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PYRAMID Release Their UKF & XFM Exclusives
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