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Rage Valley EP by Knife Party [Electro Dubstep Moombahton]

Rage Valley EP by Knife Party [Electro Dubstep Moombahton]

After the Pendulum years it appears now that we have the Knife Party years. Progression occurs in most areas of life and these boys are going from strength to strength. From small festivals to the big ones to the biggest ones of them all, Knife Party are hitting the stages everywhere and just when they are about to kick off the festival season they have timely dropped a new EP with four tracks that are simply excellent and also, each track is so very different.

Immediately from the start you know that this is going to be one of those relentless tunes that just doesn’t simmer down from the off. The EP title track ‘Rage Valley’ has Electro mids hammering away giving you the thought that this is how the track will basically be. But no, not the case at all. The mids continue their assault and then there’s a break which gives us a moment to prepare for the onslaught that we feel is about to ensue. This becomes a pounding Electro record with marvelous, harmonious riffs and delightful progressive builds without forgetting the fabulous filth. It’s a great composition.

This however, moves a little differently. Quite a bit differently. The funny part is the reference at the beginning to a Tarantula on the vocal sample – Pendulum fans will get the inside joke. This is a 140bpm Dubstep track so it has pace, depth and an organised level of chaos that will become apparent on the clubland dancefloors and the former grass fields of many a festival. Gutsy basslines, shimmering thrills and plenty of melodious chords adding groove to this complex piece of kit. It is a monster of a ‘Centipede’ so plenty of stomping for sure.

‘Bonfire’ begins with some Reggae vibes which then morph into an aggressive, growl fest which make Skrillex look like a pussy-cat rather than the Dubstep Lion that he has become. Actually, a slight exaggeration but the muscle and fire that this track possess is awesome. The screeching siren taken from Tarantino’s Kill Bill, the broken beat on the drum kit, the immense audacity that the bass tones have is impressive and a great deal of fun. The best of the bunch and it will be played everywhere for quite sometime to come.

Kicking off with a menacing beat and almost terrorising start, his tune grows into a mammoth tune with a great deal of weight and style. BBC Radio 1 specialist DJ @Mistajam features on the tune and adds some lyrical content to this cheeky 108 number. ‘Sleaze’ is a very apt name for this track because sleaze it is. It’s got the high tones, the swaggering, latino drum ticks and most importantly, it sounds like quality Moombahton which is difficult in my opinion, to find.

A four track EP which carries a huge amount of power, a large amount of filth and marvelously constructed can only mean that this is definitely one for the Summer setlist.

‘Rage Valley EP’ by Knife Party also featuring Mistajam is out now on Beatport and everywhere else on June 3rd 2012 released by Big Beat Records with Earstorm

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Rage Valley EP by Knife Party [Electro Dubstep Moombahton]


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Rage Valley EP by Knife Party [Electro Dubstep Moombahton]
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